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OTAVAchemicals, Ltd - synthetic organic compounds for research and drug discovery - Otava, Ltd. - synthetic organic compounds and chemical building blocks for research and drug discovery

  • Overview - OTAVAchemicals is an international science-based chemical company црфе specialize in the development and production of featured chemicals, bio-chemicals and bioanalytical reagents.
  • Customers - Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies what collaborates with OTAVAchemicals
  • General Fragments Library - The OTAVAchemicals’s Fragments library has been designed based upon the commonly accepted Rule-of-Three and other physicochemical and structural properties. The central purpose of this specially designed Fragment Library is to provide fragments that will bind to the binding site of any target and will also provide suitable starting points for drug discovery.
  • NEW! Scaffolds - Custom synthesis on the base of rare scaffolds. The scaffold database were prepared using comparative analysis of world-wide suppliers of compound libraries. This is your opportunity to get novel compounds for screening purposes.
  • Screening Compounds For Prompt Delivery - In-house compounds library contains about 70,000 compounds. All compounds have undergone quality control by 1H-NMR to confirm their chemical structure. The purity is at the least 90%.
  • Tangible Screening Compounds - About 65,000 compounds are available from our outside suppliers. The greatest advantage of your selecting from these database is a unique access to historical compound colections of individual chemists.
  • Drug-Like Green collection - The Green Collection compound library (more than 37,000 compounds total) was prepared on the basis of In-house Stock library and pre-formatted by Lipinsky “rules of five”
  • Lead-like library - In-house stock collection contains about 70,000 compounds. All compounds have undergone quality control by 1H-NMR to confirm their chemical structure. The purity is at the least 90%.

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