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  • PacMed Primary & Specialty Care Clinics-Seattle Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women. Mammogram screening - Pacific Medical Center. Seattle-based Diagnostic & Wellness Center for Women. Offers breast cancer detection & exams, testing, screening and mammograms.
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  • StephenWL - Five Stars

    This is definitely the little ones favorite drink great ingredient profile great taste and longevity of freshness

  • Amazon Customer - Great book and fantastic series

    Anyone who wants to read good sci-fi needs to read this book and the others in the series. The author makes the characters come alive.

  • Boarhammer - Drilling Required.....

    Got this to keep from having to scrape my windshield every day to keep it clean. I have not got this installed yet but wanted to clarify for others looking to purchase this that the 4 holes that you see on the underside of your Jeep hood DO NOT line up with the bug shield and will not be used for the install. I repeat, You WILL HAVE TO DRILL 4 HOLES in the underside of your hood to install this properly. Also, it arrived with these little yellow stickers on it that I just pulled off while unboxing...DON'T PULL THEM OFF until after install, it turns out that these provide landmarks for where you place the rubber bumpers on the top of the hood, I will still be able to install this, but I will have to wait for a day off since it will be more that a quick install since I will be needing to get the drill out. Despite all this, it is genuine MOPAR and will look nice once on and be more secure that some of the other aftermarket ones out there. Just keep you own skills in mind when ordering, I consider myself fairly handy with a drill and will add an update if I encounter any problems with the install and will update performance later. If you do not feel comfortable drilling holes in your new Jeep, you will just have to suck it up and overpay at the dealership.

  • cjczmommy - Great little garden shears for my size hands

    These are great little garden shears. I use these on my small bushes and around the swimming pool and pool pump where I cannot weed eat. They work great and are easy to use. One set is straight, and on is curved. Honestly, I have no idea why, but I am sure more garden savy users will have a I just use whichever pair I grab first. My only issue is keeping my son away from them. I was a bit skeptical because the packaging is a little cheap. It kind of reminded me of something you might purchase at a dollar store or one of those free gift things you get with a bigger purchase. I suppose they want to make sure the blades do not damage anything or cut anyone in shipping, but the packaging does not make a great first impression. Despite the cheap packaging, the shears are actually decent quality and work for what I need...small jobs. These are just the right size for my hands because they are small. Also, my hands did not hurt after using them which sometimes happens to me when I have used larger shears to do the same job. I received these Durevole garden shears (set of 2) at a discount (definitely not for free) in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. That is just what you are getting. I depend on other reviews to make my own Amazon purchases so I try to be as honest and forthcoming as possible with my own reviews. You can look back at my other reviews and see that I do not leave all positive reviews. Thank you.

  • Krystal Tavares - Who can say anything bad about this supplement

    Who can say anything bad about this supplement? I've used Gaecinia Camborgia for awhile now so when I got the chance to review this one after receiving a dicount I jumped as it can sometimes get expensive to buy these. They work for me by helping me feel full. I don't use them as directed I only take twice a day or once and it keeps me feeling full all day but not miserable and bloated like others. It arrived quickly in a sealed bottle exactly as shown in the photo. The smell isn't all that bad like some supplements I've bought. I just started this brand so will update as I see how well they do.