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Pelago Bioscience - Pelago Bioscience is a Life Science company providing high quality target engagement data.

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City: 18.05 Stockholm, Sweden

  • musicman - Didn't seem to work for us (Southern NJ)

    I put this down at the same time I put down some annual rye (Spring). The rye grew, but the Black Beauty didn't grow as well in the areas it was planted. I'll be trying something else in the fall.

  • Mario De Ghetto - The books in the series “Bible” is the best buy you can do as part of the software

    The books in the series “Bible” is the best buy you can do as part of the software, because they contain all the relevant information all kinds of users: from the novice to the expert.

  • K. Magoto - Great product

    I used to use this product and told myself I wasn't worth the price. Recently I found a jar with just a little left. After using it I realized I needed to continue so I found it on Amazon. I do love this product and the size I bought will last for many months.

  • Alaskawoman - Good for the price

    I bought the 10" size tablet because I wanted to watch TV and read news on it. I like the size, and for the price this was a good deal. Processor is a bit slow when loading pages though, that takes some getting used to. Easy to use and learn, and can't beat the Android Play Store for apps!

  • Barbara D. Campbell - Learn how his tumultuous year will affect you

    It’s that time of the year! Once again as a fan and as a loyal reader of Suzanne White’s New Astrology Horoscopes Chinese and Western books, I am now enjoying her latest book of forecasts for the year of the Fire Monkey. Seeing as the Chinese New Year is several months away, I don't know how she does it. Nor can I know just how accurate she will be in her new predictions. But I can tell you that, as usual, her writing is extremely enjoyable, humorous and insightful while covering a lot of ground. I have been buying Suzanne White's annual forecasts for many years now, and I find them to be both informative and spot on. She even gives advice! Now mind you, this is not a book filled with astrological terms, ephemeral maps or arcs to pinpoint your specific astrological chart. What it is, is a fun read ~ filled with monthly forecasts and a lot of good information for all signs singularly or combined. The combination of the two most common astrological practices (Chinese and Western) make 144 NEW signs in total. Don’t let the tricky Fire Monkey dazzle you. Make him your friend. Learn how his tumultuous year will affect you so you can stay one branch ahead of him in the jungle of life.

  • Jacquie L. - Iaso tea

    I don't think this product is authentic. I ordered this from TLC multiple times and this one seems to be a cheap knock off. The teabags even appear to be recycled. Would definitely not recommend

  • hypergreatthing - If this was detachable i would think it would be almost perfect. In terms of mechanical switches

    It's about half the price of the named brand RGB keyboards and offers a lot. No software needed for the color portion, just a few presets. It only needs one usb cable (which is nicer than a few others which i've used that require 2).