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  • marcos - False Features!!!!

    Dont purchase they are are LYING bout the certain features lik the night vision is a lie. The instructions you receive are horrible plus they say it lasts 30 days working and charge it once a month i contacted the seller and all of a sudden it becomes it only works for 24 hr.!!! The decive heats up real quick to the point where its not able to b touch seller says its normal!! Like are you serious how in the heck is tht normal??!!! And they answer my questions with ignorant responses jus lik i jus explained!! I wish i could up load photos because i screen shot then..

  • Amazon Customer - Worst phone I have ever had

    I have had this phone for about 8 months and I am past ready to find something else. It has memory issues. At some point it will tell you that the text message folder is full. You cannot receive text messages until you deal with the problem. The real problem is the memory is not full. It is a false message and the only way I know to fix it is to do a hard reset and then you have to start over and reload all your apps. The ROM memory is too small and so at some point you have to choose which apps you want, because there is simply not enough space for all the ones you might want.

  • Amazon Customer - Thornton Plays a Lawyer with Issues

    Was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this series. Great actors across the board, interesting twists, light-weigh in terms of legal niceties, but who cares when Billy Bob is the lawyer fighting for justice......and the bad lawyer, a former partner with some really strange issues, gets his just reward, so what is not to like. Thornton never fails to surprise me with his ability to play assorted roles and this one, a washed up, alcoholic lawyer who falls into a case with potential for both money and some honest justice is one of his more interesting choices. Frankly, when he used a C-pap for his sleep apnea, he won me over for simply playing a human with honest health issues that would typically make a major star run the other way. His characters flaws remain, so I hope there will be one or more further seasons, and he can continue to struggle with himself and legal issues that are sure to be interesting.