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City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Lawn - Nice cover

    I bought the tablet for $35 and didn't want to spend a lot on a case so I got this one for $7 and it is great. It came from China and took a month to get here but arrived before they said it would. It fits perfectly and has a magnetic closure and you can use it as a stand. I suppose its leather but for $7 pleather is fine also.

  • Paul - Good product, poor shipping

    This item was packaged loosely with several other items in an unpadded box that was approximately 18" by 18" by 12". This was too large for the items and they were damaged upon arrival. Two of the items appeared to have been previously opened as the seals were missing and torn. This item leaked all over the rest of the loosely packed items. I like these products but would purchase them somewhere else.

  • Kendal - As a snack... no... as a cleanse... of course!

    With several family members dealing with diabetes, I thought "sugar free? can't be bad for me". Oh, how wrong I was. Not wrong in the sense of 'its chillier than I thought, should have brought a jacket', but wrong in the sense of 'let's move to Pompei, there's a beautiful mountain right by the city!'

  • Susan Duffy - Just average nothing special

    This does an okay job at cleaning my car windows. I mean I was expecting a lot more. And I could see streaks on my windows when I was done but perhaps that was my fault. They did clean my windows but my windows didn't seem any cleaner then if I used Windex on my windows. The price was a bit high and just didn't meet my expectations. Perhaps I was expecting more then I should have been.

  • John Franz - Best price around that can't be beat

    Best price around that can't be beat, even better than that huge brick-and-mortar retail giant. Free shipping if your order qualifies for it, what is it now $40 or $50.00?

  • C. Bassett - It worked for me

    I have had a lot of digestion problems all of my life. Decades of useless doctor appointments, severe stomach aches, special diet from doctor. After a few weeks on Align my mystery symptoms of fatigue, stomach pain, gas, constipation/diarrhea, and did I say fatigue went down by about 80%. I'm almost like a normal person, which is awesome because I've always felt so incapable and weak.