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  • Sporty2122 - AMAZING

    Life changing and not difficult to follow. The results are amazing and I have recommended it to all of my friends and family. You feel like a brand new and healthy person after just 10 days. I went from 133# to 125# and have kept the weight off for over a month. LOVE IT

  • Rebecca Gregory - They work great for hair

    This is a great value, this is a large bottle of prenatal vitamins. This pills are sorta large but I have had larger and these don't have as much of an aftertaste as others I've tried. Most of the time if I swallow quickly there is no aftertaste at all. They have a slick feel to them which helps so much in getting them down and they don't stick in your throat as well as others. I personally continue taking prenatal vitamins even when I am not pregnant because of how much they aid in hair growth. I can take these without food and have had no stomach issues but some people may be different so keep in mind you may need to take with food but most dont. This is a great product that has a ton of essential vitamins and some extras. You can take these even if you are not pregnant as they will will be great for just everyday. If you want a vitamin to help with hair skin and nails, these would be a great choice. Since I've been taking these and biotin my hair is longer and stronger than it has ever been. My hair used to stop growing at a certain point but now it's about 6 inches longer than that. I am loving it and will continue to take them. The price on these is pretty decent for the amount you get.

  • Benjamin F Jarvis - Great panel at the right price... for the first 1 year + 1 month

    This panel was working splendidly, and I was quite satisfied with it, until 1 year + 1 month after I had purchased it, just after my warranty had expired. I turned it on one day, and the left third of the screen featured a reddish hue, exhibited fine horizontal lines, and began suffering from burn in. I checked in with AOC, aka Envision Peripherals Inc., and asked them if they would fulfill the warranty, having just missed the warranty cutoff. No go there. Okay, would they at least offer a repair? Nope, they don't seem to do repairs. Even if I were to send the monitor back to them, they didn't seem to have any refurbishment program. I was told that they would just scrap it. So now I'm out one monitor that can't be serviced and needs to be taken to an e-waste facility. Such, it seems, are the pains of going with a slightly off brand display. I normally wouldn't post a bad review just because of a technical problem like this: every manufacturer produces an occasional lemon. But based on my customer service experience, which wasn't bad, per se, but yielded an unsatisfactory result, I can't honestly recommend this monitor or this brand.