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  • Novo algoritmo ajuda a diagnosticar obesidade infantil - Novo algoritmo para diagnóstico, avaliação e tratamento da obesidade infantil oferece a promessa de alguma ajuda para médicos que estão tratando crianças e adolescentes com excesso de peso
  • Diferença entre esquerda e direita no câncer colorretal: modificando a prática clínica? - Mais evidências sobre o valor prognóstico e preditivo da localização do tumor primário, ou a "lateralidade" do tumor, no câncer colorretal metastático podem mudar a conduta nestes casos
  • Revisão sistemática mostra que resposta a placebo não está aumentando em estudos de depressão - Ao contrário da crença popular, as taxas de resposta ao placebo em estudos de tratamento com antidepressivos não estão aumentando e permanecem estáveis por mais de duas décadas, sugere um novo estudo
  • Risco de infecção por C. difficile aumenta se ocupante anterior do leito recebeu antibióticos - Os pacientes dos leitos hospitalares nos quais os ocupantes anteriores receberam antibióticos correm mais risco de infecção por Clostridium difficile, revelam novos dados
  • Cefaleia associada a hipotireoidismo - Pesquisadores acreditam que os transtornos relacionados à cefaleia, particularmente a migrânea, devem ser considerados um fator de risco para hipotireoidismo
  • Meta-análise mostra que modo de redução do LDL faz diferença - O tratamento precisa ser focado nos pacientes e alcançar o objetivo, que é reduzir o fator de risco, o colesterol LDL. Assim deve-se usar todas as ferramentas apropriadas no arsenal

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  • John Carter - and was not disappointed. Like every OtterBox that I've owned

    This was not the first case I bought for my fancy new iPhone 7. I first tried to cheap out with the Spigen Tough Armor case for $15. It was tough alright, tough on my hands. The thing was razor sharp on the edges and awful all the way around. So I came back to my trusty OtterBox, and was not disappointed.

  • saltytoast - Great treadmill

    We have had the treadmill about 3 weeks now. Both my husband and I use it, mainly on weekends. It is very sturdy, works well, and we are very happy with it. Speed and incline controls all work well and are easy to use since you can access them both on the main panel and on the handles. I would have given the treadmill 5 stars except that it is tricky to put together -- it took my husband and son the better part of an afternoon to get it together. It definitely requires two people to assemble. If you are not handy or have no experience assembling equipment or don't have help, then it would be worth the extra money to pay for assembly.

  • youngentreprenuer - so far so good

    It has been two weeks of using this (1 tsp in the a.m. and 1 tsp in the p.m.). I dont mind the taste at all. I drink it alone. I bought this after reading that it helps the immune system. My immune system had been compromised because of something I had reintroduced to my diet thinking it could help me in my fitness goals. And it showed up through my skin in three rashes (two on the nose and one on the chin) as it always did in the past. I started the oil as soon as I received it. The oil seems to be providing some health benefits. It is not to easy to tell whether my skin is clearer because of this or the overall change in nutrition. I have always had blemishes from acne and hormonal acne. But now I am noticing and others also that my skin is more brighter and blemishes are pretty much faded. No signs of acne. This is the first time in many years that I have been extremely comfortable leaving home without makeup. Even though the areas where the rashes were they left dark spots, not even that bothers me because the rest of my skin is so clear and smooth. Like I said there could be other factors as well. But I have always been very active. I have just made a few diet changes to accomplish my current fitness goals.

  • K.S.K - Amazing Product! I will continue to purchase!

    We have two dogs that we adopted when they were puppies. As puppies do, there were many accidents inside the house. I have tried several products, both high and low in price, and the pee smell would always come back.

  • theNappy - Not A Concealer

    The television infomercial claims that bareMinerals can cover up blemishes such as redness or broken capillaries. It does provide medium coverage but concealer is still needed for dark spots. Swishing the brush on the powder in the tiny lid and tapping the brush of excess powder creates quite a mess unless you lean into a sink.

  • audioman - Ringo's Best All Star Band to date

    I attended the Bethel Woods, NY concert Ringo did earlier on this tour. It was the same set list and line-up (except for Joe Walshs' appearance). The band is spot on. The choice of songs and pacing keep things moving right along. It was a great show. This DVD captures it perfectly. All of the performances are worth seeing, no real let downs. Everyone is top vocal and musical shape. Ringo has put together his best all star show to date.