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  • Tania Villalon - Take home a little of your physical therapy

    This little Omron device is full of surprises. At first I didn't think much of it but when I tried it I was happily surprised. It's like having a little bit of your physical therapist at home! It has different options for intensity and different body part choices with visually descriptive explanations for better understanding on how to DIY. The only downside is that the pads seem to loose their stickiness a little too fast.

  • Winnie Duensing - Great for Bible Study!

    It is a very good resource Bible. I'm using it in a Bible Study class and it is a great help in understanding scripture. I had a little trouble navigating at times but I appreciate the additional perspective not provided my other Bibles, both Kindle and paper.

  • Ron Albano - KastKing for the Win

    After buying the KastKing WhiteMax and being happy with it. I had to get more so I bought the Spartacus. The 6:3.1 gear ratio makes this my all purpose reel (Jigging and Cranking). The Dual Braking system is perfect and prevents backlashes. Well I have to say if you use your thumb you shouldn't have any issues. If you're getting into using baitcasts then this is perfect.