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  • Eric C. Nelson - Concrobium is a good product for hiding spots of fungus on my shower area ceiling (greenboard).

    When fungal spots showed up in and near my shower ceiling, I tried several products, but Concrobium was the only one for me.

  • WhisperToMyHeart - Love the Shampoo, the dispenser goes bad!

    Dislike having to buy another small bottle to be able to use it! Bought a small bottle first , then bought the large refill. did not get to finish using first bottle dispenser broke. frustrating! Dispenser goes bad! Not happy about that at all. Also scent is not the same in refill large refill I bought? Needs to be checked.

  • J. Renken - After a year, I spend more time cleaning it out than I do actually vacuuming!

    I have had this stick vac for a year. At first I couldn't believe how great it was. I have two large dogs and it picked up dog hair with ease. I'd clean it out thoroughly every month or so because it would get jammed up with dog hair. Not a big deal since I used the thing every day and it was a pleasure not having to drag out the big Dyson Animal for every little thing.

  • Ishaq Unwala - Capsule were covered with the Curcumin powder, getting powder ...

    Capsule were covered with the Curcumin powder, getting powder on my fingers. Otherwise seemed OK. Switched brands to avoid this problem.

  • incavin - Good set of wrenches

    Excellent set of wrenches with most commonly used sizes and convenient storage pouch to keep them organized. The only problem I have with the set is it didn't come with the 9/16", in it's place is a 5/8" wrench for a total of two 5/8" wrenches. Fortunately I haven't needed the 9/16" as of yet as my vehicles use metric sized bolts and nuts.

  • TxTechsan - Too good to be true

    In a nutshell, this product doesn't work. I'm in pretty good shape and work out about 5 days a week, but my abs have always been an area of weakness for me. I purchased this belt hoping that it would help tone my abs during my commute or while I did computer work in the evenings. I wore it every day for over a month, gradually increasing the intensity as outlines in the instructions.I used it often enough to require replacing the pads and batteries several times. I could feel it contracting my abs - sometimes to the point of being somewhat painful - but I never experienced any soreness afterwards. Actually, I never experienced anything different with this product. No increased strength. No improvement in tone. No decrease in inches. Nothing. Don't waste your money.

  • Karen M. Nowak - Didn't hold up.

    I bought this because my power cord on my Macbook was starting to crack. This looked like the perfect solution. It seemed to be a perfect fix, but unfortunately, it only lasted about 2 months and then it cracked. It probably dries out over time, but this really wasn't a very long of a fix. I haven't used it on anything since, but seeing how it didn't hold up doesn't give me confidence to want to use it again. I wouldn't recommend it.