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  • smile be happy - A Choice Plate For Everyone

    This is a good paper plate . Its best quality is its thickness and strength. It's not necessary to use 2 or 3 of the flimsy thin plates that all too often become dinner for your delighted pet! Also if you're not a fan of clean-up time, this is the product to buy. Lastly, at 8.5 inches in diameter it also helps in portion control. (particularly for those of us who think that the plate has to be filled to the maximum ).Thanks, Steve G.

  • Amadeus - worst soccer game ever!!

    I have been a fifa fan since the 2010 world cup game; which was amazing. So i bought the fifa 14 this year and also tried the 2014 world cup. The players in this game are extremely sluggish, passes are laggy, and graphics are pretty much the same compare to 4 years ago. Although FIFA 14 was widely complained because of its poor gameplay, EA has never cared about the opinions from its fans and decided to use the same mechanics in the 2014 WORLD CUP. Now it is the time for EA to pay it back for being so reckless. I would say that EA showed no respect to its fans for releasing this trash. Sorry EA, but i will not buy another FIFA game new in the next two years!!

  • Aristodemus - Nice product, weird smell

    4 pills every night and for a complete routine its 8 weeks/2 months on, 4 weeks/1 month off. First week I started to feel something, wether it was placebo effect or not, I liked it, workouts felt more fulfilling and I was more focused and determined, when I wasn't excericising and at work I felt good, no rage or anything. I didn't notice any hair loss (which is awesome) nor any bouts of "oh my god I must kill", there was an interesting smell in my sweat though, reading other reviews confirmed it, what I was sweating, what my girlfriend claimed, was maple syrup, not bad not good but different. Being the only "bad" side effect I noticed, I'll have to call a win.