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  • Amazon Customer - Be Very Cautious Of Product, Health Concerns

    The worst product I have ever tried. I had nor been taking anything at all just exercise. I was also a distributor, I decided to try them before pushing them out to my clients. the first couple of days were ok, a bit of an irritable tummy but didn't think anything of it until I just could not stand the pain in my lower belly. it seemed each time I took it specifically as directed my stomach would bloat tremendously not to mention the uncomfortable pain. I stopped taking the pills and called IT WORKS to tell them about my experience and to send the product back, to my disbelief they actually wanted a Dr.'s note stating that the Fat Fighters were the cause. WOW!!! was all I could say. For the amount I paid they can take the pills and shove them .....

  • Heidy morales - Great product!

    Worked perfectly during a 3 day music festival/camping trip! Kept 9 phones charged all weekend and had plenty of battery life left. Probably could have gone another couple of days! Great product!

  • Randall L Ray - Zija SuperMix - You're probably drinking mostly fluff

    My husband and I purchased the SuperMix from a friend. It was quite expensive but wanted to help her out. I didn't notice any physical benefits from drinking it daily...but I'm not overweight or in particularly bad health. That said, I began to wonder about the ingredients and how much of what vitamins and minerals I was ingesting by drinking SuperMix so I looked online for the values of these nutrients that is in each pack of the SuperMix. I couldn't find that info anywhere. So, I called customer service and asked them where I could find the nutritional values of each pack of SuperMix. They couldn't tell me...just said it's a 'Proprietary Blend so they don't post it'. Question...Am I supposed to just drink this stuff on trust that it's good for me and has good nutrition in each packet? How do I know I'm not just drinking fluff?

  • THen - Classic Office Humor!

    Dilbert is so funny because it comes so close to the truth! (Sarcasm intended, but only slightly!!!) This is a must read.

  • JohDoe - Save your money and buy something else

    This product did not work with win-xp and I was unable to return product. Customer contact number was not even a vaild number. Not Recommended.

  • Roxana Behnambakhsh - Nice natural product

    I am really enjoying using this belly butter. I love it's fresh and natural scent, and that it leaves my belly feeling soft and supple. It does take a few minutes to dry completely, but the after effects are lovely. Hopefully it'll prevent stretch marks!

  • Artie Martello - Save your money

    if I could give this no stars I would. I honestly tried this stuff for almost 48 days now and nothing has changed. The pain I experienced before is still there and in addition, I feel that this junk also gives you gas pains that happen whether you take it with or without food. This is a rip off. Should have read the reviews here first. Another witch doctor product that seems to be inundating the 1/2 hour informercial scene now.