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  • G. D'Attilio - Does What I Says

    Other than wiping off the disgusting tangles of hair, it works perfectly. I didn't experience any redness that others have.

  • Michelle G - Fantastic!

    So, I am still in the process of testing out different ways to use this oil but my favorite so far is putting a few drops in my bath water. Well, I actually add about 5-7 drops. I love the way it smells and I can completely relax. I am eager to try it in soaps too. This is really another great quality essential oil from New York Biology. I cannot wait to see what else I can do with it as I am just getting started with experimenting with essential oils. I plan on putting some in my sons oil diffuser to see if it will calm him before he goes to bed. Overall, its a great product.

  • Amazon Customer - I was really hoping Hair One would be as good since it's much less expensive

    I've been using Wen for three years. My hair is curly, but not coarse and color treated. I was really hoping Hair One would be as good since it's much less expensive, but right out of the bottle you can tell a difference. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, it's not nearly as rich and emollient feeling as Wen. It's like body lotion. It cleaned my hair, but didn't moisturize as well as Wen. I also usually put a little on after I shampoo as a leave-in conditioner in since I don't use product. Hair One may work better leaving that step out. But I doubt I'll purchase it again.

  • Lianna G. - It's OK

    Smells great, but I don't like the way it leaves my hair feeling and my hair is dirty the next day when I can typically go 2+ days without washing/conditioning. It has kept the brassy tones down which is tough to do with the super hard water I have.

  • R. Ashcraft - Not enough 'racial profiling'

    My kids were so excited to get this toy and were waiting for the post each day until it finally arrived.

  • Jennifer m Chandler - Will never use store products again!!

    After using regular products all my life I have never seen such a difference with shine, texture and not including how healthy my hair looks and feels. This size works for me for about a month. The key is not to wash daily. I only shampoo my scalp not all the hair, but will rinse through the shampoo. The conditioner and the leave in conditioner is phenomenal. I will continue to buy but now in bulk.