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Healthcare Quality Improvement Consulting | QA2QI PSO - Championing clinical peer review best practices in pursuit of quality and safety. Self-assess your program with our evidence-based inventory

  • Clinical Peer Review Improvement Research Agenda at QA to QI - Outline of research activities to inform improved clinical peer review process initiated by Marc T. Edwards, MD MBA of QA to QI
  • Contact Us - Contact information for QA to QI. Request publication reprints or additional information about products, services, and research projects
  • Sitemap for QA to QI PSO - Index of QA to QI website contents covering reaserch and innovation in clinical peer review process,as well as consulting services to improve hospital quality, safety and resource use.
  • Clinical Peer Review Best-Practice QI Model | QA2QI PSO - Details the best practice Quality Improvement model for clinical peer review defined by scientific research initiated by Marc T. Edwards, MD MBA.
  • Testimonial Letter - Dr. Rodis - Letter of Reference from Dr. Rodis, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Stamford Hospital regarding his experiences with Marc T. Edwards, MD MBAof QA to QI Consulting.
  • Testimonial Note from Suzanne Talarico - Client testimonial from Suzanne Talarico of St. Joseph's Hospital, Syracuse, NY
  • Testimonial Letter - Dr. Miller - Testimonial letter from Dr. Mathew Miller, Chief Medical Officer, Danbury Hospital regarding his experiences with Marc T. Edwards, MD MBA of QA to QI Consulting.
  • Removing Barriers to High Reliability - An orientation to high reliability in healthcare and a storyboard for removing barriers to its attainment.
  • Clinical Peer Review Process Improvement Resources | QA2QI PSO - Discover the full spectrum of resources we offer in support of efforts to adopt evidence-based best practices in clinical peer review process.
  • Clinical Peer Review Program Management Software | QA2QI PSO - Learn about the PREP-MS Clinical Peer Review Program Management System which supports best practices in pursuit of quality and safety along with PSO protections.
  • CT and Federal Patient Safety Organization Services | QA2QI PSO - Learn more about our unique offerings to promote and protect evidence-based clinical peer review best practices in pursuit of quality and safety.
  • Engaging Physicians in Patient Safety | QA2QI PSO - Fear of reprisals inhibits physicians from greater engagement in the identification and analysis of adverse events. This whitepaper explores the potential value of the Federal Patient Safety Act and the QI Model for clinical peer review in correcting the problem.
  • Clinical Peer Review Program Self-Evaluation | QA2QI PSO - Returns a QI Model Score measuring the extent to which a clinical peer review program conforms to evidence-based best practices in the pursuit of quality and safety.
  • Evidence-Based Answers - Index of evidence-based answers to frequently asked questions about clinical peer review process.
  • PSO Newsletter Article Series | QA2QI PSO - An index of newsletters written by Marc T. Edwards MD MBA, the President and CEO of QA to QI PSO for other Patient Safety Organizations.
  • Webinars, Presentations & Workshops by QA to QI PSO - Webinars, presentations and workshops to improve quality and patient safety available from QA to QI PSO
  • Marc T. Edwards Biographical Sketch | QA2QI PSO - Biographical sketch for Marc T. Edwards MD MBA, the President and CEO of QA to QI Patient Safety Organization.
  • Typical Client Results - Examples of typical client results produced in engagements with Marc T. Edwards, MD MBA of QA to QI.

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