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  • F. Krutchik - The DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-40 2010 is amazing

    The DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-40 2010 is amazing. Although the Street Atlas USA 2010 is the latest edition, it apparently depends on census data to add new streets and street numbers. Missing streets and house numbers are frustrating. The software is fairly self-explanatory, but a novice might find difficulty understanding the instructions.

  • shlynn - Works wonders

    I have been using Aphogee products for a long time now. I know a lot of you out there have some not so good things to say about Aphogee Two-Step Protein so I am going to try to set the record straight.

  • Vaughan Henderson - Autocad 2014 For dummies

    Very helpful book, well indexed which makes looking up a topic easy. Coverage of AutoCAD seems to be very comprehensive and it certainly helped me get started more quickly. Prefer using it as my first place to goto rather than the AutoCAD on-line help. Recommend this book to anyone starting out in AutoCAD.

  • kellyfish - Yes!

    It works! Ordered this for my hubby - he is happy, the dentist is happy and I am happy. So much more effective than anything he's used for his gingivitis/periodontal disease. We now order regularly; it's always in supply at our house, and it really works to combat the tell-tale symptoms of his gum issues. Great product!

  • Steven Turner - Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright ...

    Wow, I'm giving Weathertech one star. But they barely earned that. Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright colorful Weathertech logo for everyone to see. Attention should not be towards a car mat! Don't appreciate them using my car as advertisement. Now onto the real problem, product design and engineering. Hands down, terrible. I can tell it's partly the car design but they could of done much better. They are simply too small and don't protect the carpet. As a reference the stock mats are bigger, they stick up past the top and down below and past the bottom. How can stock mats be bigger than $200 Weathertech's? If I'm driving with a soda between my legs and hit the brakes hard and it spills forward it will not even fall onto the mat, would hit the carpet. For those with wet or dirty shoes you can also expect your carpet to show it. Overall, this is my 4th and last set of Weathertech mats. It's embarrassing. I will say the back seat isn't bad but the front are terrible, both sides. Save your money, not worth it.

  • Feetybone - Long-time user, first-time reviewer because the 2014 version STINKS.

    Finally had to upgrade from HCSD 2010, but this was a HUGE mistake! Every time I open this software, I get the prompt to register - which I've done several times now. Also, whenever I try to DO anything, it gives me this message: "The connection to internet might be broken, please restart the application and try again." Again, the internet connection IS FINE, but I tried doing this just in case. Nope. No change. Add to this that their so-called "customer service" is non-existent. Any attempt to do Live Chat resulted in a pop-up window with their hours of operation even though I was WELL within the window. Emails generate an automated response promising a 24 hour turnaround. Four days later - nothing.

  • Lori Hackney - I love the smell

    this does not give my hair the texture I was hoping for. HOWEVER it smells amazing. I wish I could find out if their other items smelled like this. I just love how this taffy smells. It actually smells like taffy you would eat. And the smell lingers in your hair all day long. Just love it!