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STREAMING MUSEUM - Streaming Museum presents contemporary-themed exhibitions of international fine arts, pop culture and interdisciplinary synergies to a global audience via mobile and an expanding network of big screens worldwide, and at partnering cultural centers.

Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • miamicouponqueen - Great silent diffuser you can use with your favorite oil and great ambient lighting too!

    I was skeptical and curious enough to buy this diffuser but I am so glad I did. I absolutely love this contraption. The actual benefit of the diffusion of the aromas is great! I can use any of my essential oils and it helps permeate the room with it. As an added bonus the lights on the unit make it that much better, adding to the ambiance created by the scent. The best thing is that it is completely silent. Lots of the room scent diffuser I had purchased in the past would scare the heck out of me if I happen to get too close as they would make noise as they dispersed the scent into the air - this one makes no noise!

  • Paul L Springer III - Great fit and great look

    Fit and finish are suitable for my brand new car. Keep dirt, rain and snow from damaging the new carpet

  • Lilith Zhang - i love it

    I think this book can help me a lot on my English. I love it. when i finish this book i think i will get a high scour

  • Sibelius - Well designed and helpful program

    Here's the problem - most folk with basic to mid-level computer savvy make the leap up to Windows 7 or Office 2010 thinking, 'yeah i knew all i need to know with xp and Office 2003 so these upgrades will be a cinch.' For those of you who can agree with such a sentiment, unless you have the latest MSCE certification you'd be well advised to spend an hour or several going through the basics of this 'Professor Teaches' series for Win7/Office 2010 and learn some of the basics from the get go. After all, proper fundamentals leads to a lifetime of proper execution no? I really enjoyed going through the Win7 features and learning the intricacies of the new features that will make your overall computing skills so much more productive (more robust file searching systems and configuration features in particular). If this type of program sounds boring to you I can assure you that its much more effective than going through books and the software itself is well designed, intuitive and packed with tutorials, well-written explanation and plenty of videos. Definitely give this one a chance if you'd like to make the most of your new OS and software.

  • Amazon Customer - Not as good as I hoped.

    This compuer is pretty slow. Loses connection with wlan. Was able to gain some speed by deleting McAfee. NOTE: You cannot do this: Memory:: (Memory RAM Expandable To 8 GB) . No. The RAM is built in. There is no expansion slot.

  • Gabrielle - This is one of the few I've found that is actually really good and not ridiculously expensive

    My hair is dry and damaged from years of coloring and it's long too so it's hard to maintain. I have tried SO many repair masks and deep conditioners. This is one of the few I've found that is actually really good and not ridiculously expensive. I can actually see and feel the results from immediately after I rinse it out. My hair is softer and less frizzy looking. This product is a must and I always have it on hand.