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  • pollock - You'll need 2 or 3 bottles and 2 coats. Buy 6 bottles of other products for the same price

    I detail all 3 of my cars twice a year, clay bar, wax and do the interior . Wipe new is unforgiving. If not applied properly it will streak, leave marks where it is unattended. One bottle will not be enough to finish the interior of a Honda Civic, let alone do the 2 coats that will be needed. Flat plastic non textured surfaces streak easily. Application instructions say to overlap surfaces with one swipe. That is very hard unless the applicator cloth is saturated thus over applying product. If you work the product into textured surfaces it tends to streak, much like over brushing with paint or varnish. Not even bother try leather, the leather will absorb so much material and a 2nd coat will be needed. I did the running boards of my Honda Pilot and the tailgate lip protector. 1 month and 1 car wash later the areas were spotted and weathered. The black panel below the rear bumper and mudguards retained their finish. As much as the product costs it would be better to buy 4 bottles of armour all or comparable product and apply the product one or twice a year

  • Ninja - It’s not a 100% cure but after a hard night of drinking I didn’t have a headache at all!

    I was very skeptical of this Hangover cure. Take 2 before and 2 during your boozing session is all it takes. It’s not a 100% cure but after a hard night of drinking I didn’t have a headache at all! Mind you my body did hurt a tad and my stomach was upset but I could go to work and function like a contributing part of society afterward. After reading what the pills do it’s pretty clever. Alcohol is poison so when you drink it your body makes an acid to combat you getting “poisoned”. So the more you drink the more acid your body makes and after a night of drinking your head hurts like a mother. Seriously try this, if I know I’m going to go hard with the guys for a night out, I will from now on take these to help the future me haha.