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Suzie G | Australia's String Diva - Suzie G's official web site, featuring news, photos, music, videos, concert dates and more.

  • Bio | Suzie G - Suzie G, one of Australia’s top violinists has wowed audiences all over the globe… combining classical training, beauty, and musical flare. Suzie G is the
  • 2016 | Suzie G - Dates for 2016. February 15 Feb - Suzie G Tivoli Show , Kedron Wavell RSL 16 Feb - Suzie G Tivoli Show, Twin Towns, Gold Coast 17 Feb - Suzie G Tivoli Show,
  • 2015 | Suzie G - Dates for 2015. January 13 - 23 Jan - Suzie G in concert, Guest headline Act, Sapphire Princess 30 Jan - 1 Feb - Suzie G in concert, Guest headline Act,
  • 2014 | Suzie G - Dates for 2014. January Jan 11 - 16 - Suzie G in concert, Guest headline Act, Mariner of the Seas February 12 Feb - Suzie G in Concert, Solo corporate
  • 2013 | Suzie G - Dates for 2013. January 16 - 19 Jan - Guest Headline Act, Celebrity Solstice - MASKE TRIO 21 – 24 Jan - Suzie G in concert, Guest headline Act, Voyager of
  • Headline Entertainer | Suzie G - Suzie G, guest headline entertainer invites you into her world of sophisticated music, fabulous costumes and entertaining presentations of some of the world’s
  • Corporate Events | Suzie G - Let’s just take a breath for a moment and witness what Suzie G can do in the special event marketplace! Not only is Suzie G getting standing ovations all
  • Testimonials | Suzie G - Testimonials   "Thanks so much for a fantastic performance on Saturday night at the 40th birthday for Cetnaj. Our client was very happy with your
  • Maske: Electric String Trio | Suzie G - The Maske Electric String Trio show was established in 2004 by Suzie G to fill a perceived gap in the corporate and special events entertainment scene. This
  • Contact | Suzie G - Contact For all cruise ship & club bookings, please contact Lynne James and Associates Phone: +61 2 9419 7822 Fax: +61 2 9419 2265 Cell: +61 418 653

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 151.1935 New South Wales, Australia


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