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    My mother is 81 and had not updated her decades-old will. She has a simple estate - one house and a few thousand in savings. I was able to create a standard will, legal power of attorney, and health care directive for her in just a couple of hours. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. All we had to do was take them to her bank to be signed and notarized and we were done! We had both been putting off this inevitable task because we thought it would be difficult and time consuming and were relieved to find it was simple and cost effective. I would recommend this to anyone who needs simple legal documents.

  • Paul gobel - I suffered with "scratchy" AM radio and poor distance of the FM radio for a couple of ...

    Worthless - my original antenna broke off. I suffered with "scratchy" AM radio and poor distance of the FM radio for a couple of weeks. I screwed in the stubby antenna and both my AM and FM radio sounds exactly the same as it did when I had no antenna. If I were you, I'd choose another product.