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Skin problem - face packs, skin diseases and spots treatment | - Acne is considered to be the most popular skin problem, experienced practically by every person.

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  • Effective steps to get rid of blackheads - causes and prevention - In most cases, cosmetics defects appear in a so called T-zone, which includes a nose, a forehead and a chin. Itʼs connected with numerous oil glands, located in
  • How to effective get rid of a black eye - folk remedies - Before identifying the effective treatment methods, we need to find out the causes of a black eye. Unfortunately, this problem is common not only for the adults
  • Most effective folk remedies for facial rash - The key causes of facial rash appearance Ducts occlusion. Itʼs known that the facial skin has a certain number of oil glands protecting it from unfavorable

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    City: -6.2439 , Ireland

  • Michael - Better than the old original

    Unexpected surprise of additional appendices: commonly misspelled words, extra on matters of form, and words and expressions commonly misused.

  • Lori K - Perfect fit.

    Perfect fit for my new 2015 Jeep Renegade. Very easy to install. Nice weight and sturdy without begin too bulky. Will be easy to remove, clean and put back in. Good purchase. Highly recommend this product.

  • Marty B. - Don't waste time OR money on this junk!

    OK, I've now had this system for about 3 months. It has actually worked about half that time. It will randomly stop responding to any input. It is currently down, saying "Keypad out of range" on the keyboard. The keyboard is 4 FEET from the freaking base station. I've had to call in and have this piece of junk reset twice since I've had it. I'm sick of having to call customer service for something that should just work. Maybe I'm asking too much. When it does work, I sometimes have to enter my code 2 or 3 times for it to finally accept it, and sometimes it won't accept it at all, and the alarm siren goes off, and I have to get the keychain remote to turn it off. I end up going to work half the time without my $250 system even working because it won't accept my code that day. Then I come home and it takes it. What a frustrating piece of junk! It hasn't worked in about a week now. All batteries have been changed, keypad is 4 feet from the base station, yet the keypad STILL says "Keypad out of range" as well as some random sensor number that is not even part of my system saying it's not working. I wish I could find something good to say about this thing, but it's just not ready for prime time. If you think your time is valuable, and you want an alarm that actually WORKS as an alarm, i strongly advise you to get a real system. This one could possibly drive you to drinking. And no, I don't work for another alarm system (and to call this unit an alarm system is truly a stretch). Just check my other reviews and you'll see I'm a real consumer that gives honest reviews. So buyer beware on this one!

  • Robert - Works better than expected.

    I have a herniated L5-S1 and nerve root irritation (very painful) which surgery failed to correct. I have episodes of extreme pain where almost nothing helps to alleviate the pain. Penetrex is a good name for the product because you can actually feel it penetrate deep into the skin, soothing and calming nerve irritation. Compared to something like Icy Hot this is much more effective. It's expensive for the amount you receive though and I don't think it will help too much with severe pain. But for 6/10 pain episodes or chronic pain it does give some relief.

  • Amazon Customer - Great inexpensive slow-cooker. Thankfully, the lid doesn't take too much effort to lock.

    I've only used it once, so I can't really speak to durability, but it doesn't show any signs of failing; so far so good.

  • EC Dave - Good product

    I like the product. Installed on 3 PCs flawlessly. Seems to defend against threats Norton didn't or maybe it's simply telling me it is doing things that Norton didn't tell me yet did. This product combined with Malware Pro makes me feel much safer. No instructions, even on their website, for removing from 1 of 3 PCs to install on new computer and customer support is lame, so that was frustrating.