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  • KAREN - Fantastic

    As with the Lure replacement, this is to get my Skeeter Vac ready for this year's battle against the midges that bite my Shetland Ponies! I do believe that it made a huge difference last year...........looking forward to getting rid of even more midges this year!

  • Isaac Collazo - Classic song

    I'm putting together some old songs that I can listen to and came across this one for my collection. Thanks

  • Joseph T Gaton - I like it but I like my regular PD32 more..

    This one has a wider beam compared to my regular PD32. My regular PD32 appears brighter- maybe due to the fact that it has a narrower/more concentrated beam. If I only have to pick one, I would not hesitate to go with the regular PD32.

  • Cristina Caal - I Love it, (but didn't install it ) returned it

    I Love it, (but didn't install it ) returned it... b/c you'll need to u/g your truck (tstat, muffler, air intake) to make it work to it's full potential.

  • Suzanne - pleased

    The product works on just about everything I have tried it on .It does take awhile to take on glass the hold is great .I now have a new tool for my crafts. Very pleased with this product.

  • Ma B. - You need this thing!

    Great gadget! I've only had it a few weeks but now I can't do my nails without it! Wish it fit a little more tightly, both on my thin fingers and in how it holds the bottle, and that it was slightly less heavy. It works best on fat (therefore, heavy) bottles. I would like one that works on small or narrow bottles. I like that I can leave the bottle I have just used in the tweexy and set it inside my big box of many similar colored nail polishes so I don't have to search for the exact one I applied a few days earlier when I only have time for a quick touch-up. This may not be an issue for most people, but it is for me, so the device solves a problem. A very useful item!

  • Norma Stitz - Perfect fit

    These are the best looking floor mats I have ever seen. They are a perfect fit in my 2012 ram 1500 SLT, and I don't think I will ever own a vehicle without these from now on. A must have for any pickup.