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    What a piece of garbage! I was having heart pains in my chest so I thought that I had better take my blood pressure. This device seemed like it would fit the bill. I took my blood pressure for three months and it consistently indicated high blood pressure. The visits at the Cardiologist and my doctors office indicated that my blood pressure was normal! The nurse at my last trip to the Cardiologist took a look at the device and said that it was not accurate and that there was no way that she could calibrate it. So, I wasted my money, and I wasted my time the last three months taking my blood pressure two or more times a day! On the bright side, I am not going to die anytime soon from a heart attack.

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    I've been a Webroot customer since 2005 and never had a problem with viruses or nasty malware that plagues other people who use other Antivirus programs. I also work in IT and have friends and family that always bring their computers to me with viruses. Once I remove their viruses I suggest that they purchase this product instead of using the anti-virus software they were using. When the do purchase the program and load it I never get bugged by them again to remove viruses so it's a win win situation for me. Secure Anywhere is a solid product that doesn't impact your computers performance like other anti-virus programs on the market. They also have a great app for your Android or iPhone that protects your phone from viruses malware and can also lock and or erase and locate if you miss placed it.