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  • Tracy from WI - a low suger version of "eat this not that"

    So far I seriously love this cookbook & diet plan. Prior to buying this book I have already tried to make many changes (using only whole wheat products, drinking water not sodas, trying to limit sugars) but still I had trouble designing meal plans that we can stick with and we are in a rut. I am also type 2 diabetic and so I know with absolute certainty that sugar is like a poison to my body. I need to cut myself off from it totally cold turkey but I needed help figuring out what to eat and how to eat instead with options that I will WANT to eat. That's the whole key for me is teaching myself how to make things that I will crave and will enjoy, which will create a healthier way of life.

  • Amazon Customer - Freezing bug persists

    Great camera except the current firmware is buggy and many are experiencing freezing problems (see youtube video gs6vyTdl8xM). My recommendation is to wait until it is clear that gopro has fixed the firmware... especially if you are planning on using this camera underwater. Because currently, the only way to fix the freezing bug is to temporarily remove the battery which isn't possible underwater.

  • Joseph - This book is top notch.

    I'm loving this book. It's chocked full of useful information that honestly makes a lot of sense. It is a little dry for reading but you have to expect that when you're trying to read up on how to invest wisely. Thinking long term reading this dry book is worth having a colorful future. Make sure you purchase The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham while reading Jason Kelly's book you'll see that they go together. This book is 274 pages long (not including the appendix) and the Benjamin Graham book is 536 pages (not including the appendix).I love how the persons who write the one star reviews are upset when this is clearly a beginners book designed to teach you basics and fundamentals. The way I see it they aren't open to learning because they "know everything" in the book. If they were doing so well they wouldn't be on Amazon buying the neatest little guide to stock market investing lol. Take them with a grain of salt, don't be afraid to learn from this great book. Good Luck :)

  • Barbara - Thanks Slow Flow

    These capsules changed my life. I was anemic. Could not leave the house for the first two days of my cycle. Wearing two super plus tampons at a time. Exhausted. There were three stages of my life: Pre-period, Period, Post-period. Only for about one week a month would I have energy. The first time I took the pills they were effective but now after a few months of taking them I'm noticing I clot less and I'm having a more normal period (shorter duration, less heavy bleeding, much less clotting). My life has radically changed thanks to Slow Flo. Prayers to the person/people who created this product.