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  • Amazon Customer - Makes ACA easy

    Takes all the confusion out of this new ACA form without having to buy forms, envelopes and figuring out what to do.

  • Nhoj Semirg - Vivid Dreams, Mental Clarity/Stamina Improved

    I love Alpha Brain! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I can't be 100% sure there's not at least a bit of a placebo effect. I have taken it for about 2 months, 2 caps a day, and the past couple weeks I have really felt a mental clarity, more energy/mental stamina during workouts, and my dreams have been vivid and lucid. I think this supplement is worth the cost, which is less than $1 a day.

  • Justin A. Gauvin - Lifesaver.

    Well, I got this about a year ago, and it installed into the hitch of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee without a problem. Setting the combination was also no problem, and I keep my spare car key in it, which I needed once since owning it—yesterday—what a relief that I had it!


    These did not work for me, but would have if I had had a bladder infection instead of PBS (PAINFUL BLADDER SYNDROME), it took about 3 months


    Must have for the USMLE, great tool to study by as you progress through medical school. You will need a bit more if you are looking to do more than average, but this is a MUST for your foundation.

  • Kara Brown - The capsules were very easy to swallow

    I bought this product to use in addition to the carb crush with a new diet and exercise plan. I took two capsules in the morning with food as directed and then went on with my day. The capsules were very easy to swallow, had no funny smell or aftertaste, and did not make me feel sick at all. In addition the product did not make me feel funny or sick to my stomach, as the case with most diet pills. After two weeks of use I am down 5 pounds. I know it doesn't seem like a miracle amount of weight, but there is no miracle product that makes weight fall off. Overall, I am pleased with the results so far and will continue the product for the next two weeks to see how my weight changes. If I keep up the same pace, its 10 pounds I total. Maybe I'll get lucky and more will come off.