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  • Lisa M. Faust - Did not work....

    Sadly, I was so looking forward to getting this, but it simply did not work at all from the moment it arrived. I really hate to say this, but I have ordered a number of these kind of health devices - like the chi machine - for example. They all have this kind of ubiquitous plastic housing when they arrive. They all have the same kind of crappy, really cheap looking red lights etc....and every single item I have ever ordered like this, made in China, has been absolute junk that never worked. I will never buy another device like this again

  • Kristopher M. Joyce - Finally a solution for my needs

    This product has exceeded my expectations. I have full coverage in my home, which is approximately 2500 square feet. While expensive, I am getting over 100 Mbps in places where I was not even able to get a signal before. I'll update my review in a couple of weeks. Only thing missing for me is a guest network, but I understand that this is coming soon.

  • Joseph P. Hough - Don't expect miracles...but worth the expense and hassle

    My hairloss wasn't dramatic, but my hairline had been steadily receeding since my early twenties and my hair was thining slightly in the typical, "male pattern baldness" areas. The first few months after using the laser comb, I saw virtually no improvement. However, I did notice that I shed a lot less. Typically, at the end of the day, I could firmly rub my fingers through my hair and find 10 to 30 hairs, but after about 6 months using the laser comb, that decreased to between 5 to 10 maximum.

  • M. Lee - review of classic transfer factor

    classic transfer factor has helped my immune system to function properly. I do not get sick all the time since I started taking this product. I would recommend it for children and adults

  • Amazon Customer - Couldn't be any better!

    “Gosh, you’re the worst.” As If the chapter titles of this book aren’t enough, the first page is sure to make you wish you would’ve read this book sooner. It’s no wonder “I’m Judging you” by Luuvie Ajayi ended up on the New York Times Best Sellers in a matter of days! Literally, this book is beyond fab & a must read by every woman/man/black/white/brown/yellow being on this earth. Seriously, everyone should read this. I received a free copy of I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Jana McDonald - Nice quality, like the stainless steel. Gives off decent light.

    These are nice solar lights. They are pretty well made. A lot of this type of product is made out of cheap plastic, but the tubes on these are actually stainless steel which makes them hold up better in the ground. They are easy to assemble, and having 6 is a nice number. They are not super tiny either, which is nice. The solar panels work well and they emit a decent amount of light at night (not super bright, but pretty good for solar). The stainless steel look is very neutral and I found they fit in with the rest of our yard easily.

  • janet - Scary if comes to past

    Interesting use of facts. I don't know if another would view as a conspiracist--always a conspiracy--but it is an interesting linking of facts, which are footnoted to put forth a theory. Am I ready to head for the hills and only use cash, and have a cellar full of necessities? Maybe. Worrisome book for one who does not have money. Is the book promoting and benefitting from propagating: fear? I can't decide.