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  • Adam B - Very misleading product name!

    I am constantly looking for effective ways to reach new audiences, keep open lines of communication, and advocate for technologies. I remember many years ago learning what they did at MIT with the soda machine, which got me to thinking... What if I really need to go to the bathroom but I don't know its current state? At work, I'm competing for the prized real estate with many coworkers. At home, there's the wife, our 11 children (a set of quintuplets in there), and our many potty-trained cats, geese, and (before last night's dinner) two lambs vieing for a single toilet.

  • dhub - Just started, slightly frustrating so far.

    After installing it asked me for a customer ID and password to install the state module. I didn't have a customer ID or password... Once I closed the install state dialog box it asked me to register, after completing registration they emailed me the customer ID and password needed.

  • Amazon Customer - Excelent product good quality,I recommend it.

    Excelent product good quality,I would highly recommend this inexpensive but good quality and very useful camera,wonderful outstandingly great.

  • EVELYNE ECHT - Great Stories!

    The stories were varied. We were able to lead many interesting discussions on each story. The forward was well written and encouraged many aspects for our discussions.

  • Andrew Patrick - J. Cole's Best Album

    Ever since Cole got signed to Roc Nation, I've been waiting to see if he could have an album that was better than his mixtapes. With his first 2 albums, while I did have a good amount of songs that I liked from each one, they paled in comparison to The Come Up, The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights. While I stayed a fan of J. Cole, I have come to the thought that Cole had fallen off a bit as a lyricist. I compare him to a more humble version of Kanye West for this reason, and that is the fact that his beats overshadow his lyrics, even though Cole does have his moments where he can be very deep when it comes to what he's talking about.

  • Hose - Very good all around for light trimming

    Got my 1st Worx GT trimmer about 5 years ago when I had a small yard.... did a good job, just as advertised about trimming the lawn and around flowers, bushes and fence where the grass and weeds were not too thick and tough. I recently replaced my original GT with the new, GT2. It works all around like the older model but a bit better in every regard, also just as advertised.... except where Worx claims "it's powerful". It's not. You can tidy-up an edge with it but it won't "cut an edge" (usually can't do that with a gas trimmer, either.) I now live on a big place and need the power of a gas trimmer for the bigger jobs. But that's not a knock on the GT2. It's "light, easily maneuverable, and competent" for light duty trimming. I don't use the gas trimmer "instead" of the GT2, I use one or the other as the job requires. Wifey doesn't like the gas trimmer... says it's "too heavy and difficult to control", which is true.