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  • Melissa P - Great lightweight pedals for the price

    I received the pedals quickly and without damage. The original platform pedals that came with my Giant Mountain Bike were a combination of resin centers with a metal outer cage and cro-moly shafts. The pedals were OK but as I pushed the bike more and more, the pedals seemed to flex a little under my weight (200) and I needed a stronger pedal for safety. These Imrider pedals are great for the money! They are lightweight and the screw foot pegs bite into my trail shoes I wear when biking for a secure feel. The pedals are just as wide as my original pedals (standard width), but more of your foot "length" is supported by the Imrider pedals. Just remember, if you ever have to get off your bike to walk it a bit, there's a chance that you can brush your calf up against a pedal and the screw foot pegs really take a bite out of exposed soft skin. Other than that, these pedals are great for someone who wants to still keep their mountain bike with platform pedals. It's best to have a very thin 15mm wrench when assembling these pedals to your bike and some light grease. A standard Crescent wrench is just too thick. So are most box end wrenches. If you don't know anyone with a regular pedal wrench to borrow, it's best to buy an inexpensive 15mm open end wrench and grind it down thin so you can get it on the pedal flats between the pedal and the crank. I received these at a discount for an unbiased review

  • Penelope S. Wardlow - Annoying software.

    Have just loaded the 2013 AV software and I must say I am disappointed. AVG over the years has become more and more controlling and very difficult to contact. They have these enormous lists of suggested problems and you are expected to find which one is germane and follow the cure they suggest. Why should I spend half my time doing that if they are truly supportive of their product. Answer, they are not! And they should stop pushing Twitter and Facebook. I have zero interest in either of those. Worst problem?? The taking over of my computer by installing their own web access and deleting all the home pages I had set up. And then I have to go through all the efforts to reinstall what was my set-up and delete theirs. I certainly would not recommend this software. This is going to be my last year with AVG. And they need to support one's setting of controls and to not issue threats of not being covered if, for example, one decides to set downloads of updates at a different schedule than the software selects.

  • yadira - Controls my apetite

    I've being using it for a couple of days and is definetly helping controll my apetite.. can't wait to see results..

  • Andy - This is a Masterpiece, Landmark Collection which needs to be Heard

    Amazing, important piece of work.... a masterpiece by any standard. Talk about a collection that is passionate, creative, speaks to the heart, and most important of all, the harmonies and solo vocals are impeccable. This collection will stand out as probably the best release for the year. It's a shame that they can't record anymore as a Trio, so let's all be grateful that Emmylou has unearthed the 3rd CD of outtakes, which completes this wonderful gem of a collection. Highly, highly recommended -- a must have for any music collection.

  • Woolly - Decent replacement.

    Fits a bit tighter than the original and punches the bottom hole a bit more "forceful", but no leaks and the price was definitely right!

  • jane harrington - Love it!

    Has more than I expected! Small enough to fit under seat of car or in side door compartment. HAS TONS of info which I was looking for. You can't trust or rely on having cell service 100% of the time on the road n this will be very handy/useful!

  • Shelby Highsmith - Oh, Roswell aliens were real? I'm unfazed. Let's have sexual tension.

    Do yourself a favor: download the sample, skip to Chapter 2 -- which is where the back story starts getting injected after a kickoff on arrival at the massive alien spaceship -- read the inanity within, and save yourself from even mildly wanting to read about the silly characters' space adventure. Cue the predictably stereotypical NASA male nerd: "I'm here to recruit the World's Greatest Linguist for a top secret space mission, so I better not say anything stupid because I totally have the hots for that hottie. Who knew such smart chicks could be such hotties?" Cue the unflappable, driven academic woman: "I don't have time to stop walking while this horny nerd pesters me, I'm too miffed that my brightest female grad student is about to throw her career away on marriage and babies. But I guess I'll pick up coffee and drive out to the middle of nowhere with him so we can talk more privately about whatever he wants." Nerd: "So uh, this is all classified, so I'm going to need you to sign a nondisclosure agreement later (if I even remember to give it to you), but nevermind that. The Roswell UFO crash really happened, and we're going to go explore their giant mothership way the heck out in the asteroid belt." Superlinguist: "Huh. Interesting. I'm not at all astounded nor do I even think you've watched one too many X-Files. But anyway I'm not up for the job; like Ted Striker in Airplane!, I can't get over the last time people trusted me on a Doomed Voyage. Bye." Nerd: "D'oh. I just gave out classified information, AND my fellow nerds are gonna think I hit on her."