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  • scmk - Most kids should like this one.

    I have not read it to any of our grandchildren yet, so can't say that what seems far fetched to me, would not appeal to a child. Pictures and color is good which should be enjoyable to a child even if he/she cannot picture dad in the superhero role.

  • Gregory A. Shipes - One disappointed little girl

    The shoes themselves are okay. 2 weeks of wear and one of them won't charge. One disappointed little girl.

  • Jorge Sturla - Good but not great

    Solved a problem with the Stubby antenna but its radio reception is fairly poor. With the custom long antenna I kept hitting a ceiling beam in my garage and I noticed it started to loosen the base of the antenna. Now with the Stubby I don't have that issue anymore and it looks quite esthetic and nice. However it doesn't pick up too well the stations. That really doesn't bother me as much because I'm always with the iPod.

  • Robin Sato - Excellent Monitor With Only 2 Drawbacks Easily Fixed

    I'd rate this five stars if only it had louder speakers and you can't adjust the monitor [tilt up/down, swivel to the side, or raise it up any higher]. I'm not saying the speakers are quiet, but the aren't the loudest by any means. I'm saying this coming from someone who had an iMac and used the built in speakers from that computer very often as they were very loud. However, don't let this deter you from buying the monitor. Its a good size, and I've had no problems with it aside from wishing the built in speakers were stronger. I'm going to just buy some external speakers instead for a lot cheaper than getting a different monitor. This has built in speakers and that's always a plus. The medium volume of the built in speakers not a big deal and this is a great monitor.

  • Amazon User - and the coffee is every bit as good. I'm buying one for each of my non-coffee ...

    This is easier to use than a Kuerig refill cup (I don't feel right putting disposable Kcups into the land fill every day), and the coffee is every bit as good. I'm buying one for each of my non-coffee drinking adult kids to keep at their homes. This way I can drink coffee when I visit, and they won't have to keep a bulky coffee maker in their apartments.