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Acid Reflux Information-Learn Beneficial Secrets - Acid Reflux Information. -The Best High quality information that you can trust to solve your problem through the eyes of a Nurse... Heartburn-Indigestion-Barretts Esophagus-GERD-Alkaline foods...

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  • edit6 - foam better than liquid

    This works for me. I had low expectations, but I actually grew back hair on the crown and frontal balding areas. I used Kirklands liquid for 3 months first. That also worked, but it was messy, and wasteful because the liquid drips away from the areas you need it, and ends up on your ears and down your face and neck. Then you might have to worry about growing hair in those places too, if you don't wash it away quickly. The foam is lasting much longer for me than the liquids did. (I used up a 6 month supply of liquid in 3 months.) The foam is lasting the way it should. And It dries very quickly. I can apply it minutes before bed, which makes using the stuff much more convenient.

  • Robby R. - Great clubs (just not for me)

    I ordered these clubs two nights ago, and they arrived tonight. After unwrapping the clubs from their packaging (plastic sleeves on the shafts and bubble wrap around the heads of all of the clubs), I took a couple of practice swings with the 7 iron. I can tell already that I'm not going to be able to comfortably use these clubs. They're great looking and seem very solid, not cheap at all. But they're too short for me.

  • Vicki L Hilker - Cidion hand crank grinder

    It grinds meat great but it will not stay in place, the suction is not there. I should have just bought one that you attach to the edge of the counter. The only way I can use this one is if my husband holds and I turn the crank. Ha Ha

  • Brian bunch - preferred over metra

    This is what you want to upgrade to a double din radio with no modifications. I had purchase the metra model and it was junk. It needed to be trimmed and sanded to fit around the HU. The bottom half isn't silver like t stock trim, but who cares. Perfect fitment with no issues.

  • Erock - Amazing, but not flawless. I still sincerely love the bike though.

    Great road bike! I was hesitant to buy this bike, simply because buying bikes online are generally not as preferable as buying them at a local bike store. Anyways, had it assembled right away and was a sweet ride. I quickly switched out the 23c tires to 25c, which is the biggest that would fit on the 48cm frame I bought. Added a rack to the back, and now it's a great commuter for me.

  • Mark Edell - Are you kidding me?

    I used this on my work boots and watch the water roll right off... for about ten minutes. It may last a day if you stand perfectly still otherwise it just flakes off. It stinks, it's sticky, it turns things blue and is a waste of money. You'll get better use out of your money if you wad it up, light it on fire and use it to warm your hands for a few seconds.

  • Chris - Great light mouse

    Had a loose scroll wheel with the first mouse but got it exchanged and am completely happy with the replacement. I do wish that they offered a version without any lights since there are no power states and the LED stays lit irrelevant of the computer. That said, I prefer their minimalist approach and wouldn't want to see them start throwing software at the problem. If I was going to knock it for anything, it would be the side buttons since they're hard to activate without adjusting your grip, but as they don't affect me, I'm fine with it.