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Aderans Hair Centre - At Aderans Hair Centre in London we strive to help men, women and children experiencing any form of hair loss such as full alopecia, partial hair loss and thinning hair. We understand the devastating effects and the deep emotional impact hair loss can have on your confidence and self-esteem.

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  • Armstrong - Must Have Production Aide for breast feeding

    With both of my pregnancies, I have had difficulty producing enough milk for my babies. With my first pregnancy, after experiencing some negative reactions to the medicated pills the hospital gives to increase production, I was told to try the herbal Fenugreek pills. While these pills helped a little (I mean a little), they also made me and my baby smell like maple syrup for as long as I took them.

  • bonnie rakes - Publisher is publisher... I think most people ...

    Publisher is publisher... I think most people use publisher because that's what they are used to . Steps above word, which probably works for most people but if you want to do more creative and or design, I think pub gives you that.....

  • bktiger86 - its great...but quality isn't that good

    for a $15 dollar rubiks cube...its good as in terms of rotation and feel, but it is not that good when it comes to quality. the stickers starts to peel within 1 week of usage

  • Aliska - The Best Constipation Solution for Baby

    My daughter has struggled with constipation for months. Every since we introduced whole foods into her diet it has really been an issue for her. She is lactose so we never give her dairy, we eliminated so many things from her diet trying to see what was causing her constipation. We even went to or family doctor and he was very hesitate to prescribe her anything since she is only 1. We had almost given up hope when I saw this constipation ease. We love all of the other Mommy's Bliss products and this one is no different. After giving her two doses on day 1 she had a wonderful bowel movement on day 2. We have been using this product for a week now and what we have learned is that she needs one dose a day. If we skip a does she seems to struggle a little but we are sure that within the month she will be regular and we are excited to start potty training.