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Redmond Primary Care Physicians | Bellevue Internal Medicine – Advanced Family Medicine - It’s an important decision, choosing your family’s primary care provider. Our experienced team of healthcare providers works with patients of all ages & is committed to working with you to achieve a lifetime of excellent health.

  • http://www.afmllc.us/about/ About Advanced Family Medicine | Redmond Primary Care & Internal Medicine Clinic - We are committed to providing your entire family with comprehensive & effective medical care. Our cooperative approach results in more efficient & effective healthcare for a lifetime of excellent health.
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  • http://www.afmllc.us/family-medicine/ Redmond Family Medicine Clinic | Primary Care in Redmond – Advanced Family Medicine - We are committed to providing your entire family with comprehensive medical care. We have 15 years of experience combining conventional medicine & naturopathic concepts to provide outstanding healthcare.
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  • http://www.afmllc.us/obgyn/ Bellevue, Redmond Gynecology - Vinette Zabriskie, MD - AFM - Our GYN department embodies care and compassion, whether this entails something as simple as an annual exam, or more in-depth procedures such as tubal ligations.
  • http://www.afmllc.us/nutritionist/ Redmond Nutritionist | Mariya Shurnene, RD, CN – Advanced Family Medicine - We use our advanced knowledge of medicine, nutrition, and dietetics to provide comprehensive nutritional guidance for patients with a variety of concerns.
  • http://www.afmllc.us/massage-therapy/ Redmond Massage Therapy – Advanced Family Medicine - We believe that massage therapy is an essential part of a comprehensive healthcare plan. Our therapists have extensive experience in therapeutic massage & a broad range of modalities.
  • http://www.afmllc.us/blog/family-medicine/love-and-logic-is-it-the-right-approach-to-parenting/ Love & Logic: Is it the Right Approach to Parenting? - Our children deserve our unconditional love, a huge part of which involves teaching them life’s true values and sowing the seeds of their own personal development.
  • http://www.afmllc.us/blog/family-medicine/stressed-use-these-4-simple-simple-techniques-to-gain-the-upper-hand/ Stressed? Use These 4 Simple Simple Techniques to Gain the Upper Hand - Whenever we experience stress, the key to healthy management is based squarely on our perception. Here are 4 easy techniques for handling your over-stressed life.
  • http://www.afmllc.us/blog/family-medicine/menopause-how-you-can-cope-with-lifes-big-change/ Menopause: How You Can Cope with Life’s Big Change - Although every woman’s journey through menopause is unique, if you don’t properly address your symptoms, you could be reducing your productivity and your overall quality of life.
  • http://www.afmllc.us/blog/conditions/anorexia-nervosa-causes-symptoms-and-treatments/ Anorexia Nervosa: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatments - Anorexia nervosa is mental disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight. In fact, individuals suffering from anorexia often greatly fear gaining weight.

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  • Yatzee - Love this stuff

    I was a little leary at first, but after about 2 weeks of this (starting with the loading dose), I am completely off the Singulair, Flonase, and Mucinex I was taking. I don't even need it anymore. The product itself is great, but I also purchased the Sinatrol to accompany it. I have chronic allergies due to mold, grass, and dogs, and as long as I stay taking this consistently, it works great. Though if I miss a dose during the Spring, my body let's me know. The only downfall is, I've seen this stuff priced anywhere from $35-65 for a bottle of 120 capsules, and I've needed to buy more, but it's not available from the original seller, so I've had to search other avenues, and now I'm having to wait on a new shipment, not cool. It would be nice if individuals could buy the products directly from OrthoMolecular.

  • M. Dowdie - If you don't have to upgrade to this version, don't.

    I haven't yet seen any new features or benefits to this version over Quicken 2013. I can't see a single thing to recommend this version over previous versions. On the other hand, this "upgrade" comes with the slew of bugs, new and old, and performance problems I've come to expect after the last few new releases of Quicken.

  • Zoemondo - It was fun while it lasted.

    This was a decent for the 3 days it lasted. I spent around 14 hours getting it all setup. During that time it did seem to have wifi issues often enough to be annoying. Embedded video in Facebook was start/stop/buffer like I was on old school internet (which I'm not). Netflix wouldn't stream in HD. I was NOT trying to connect to Bluetooth and wifi at the same time which is what Lenovo's answer is when you ask them about it. Still, It would have worked fine for what I needed it for. BUT when I applied Lenovo's BIOS update it ran fine, told me to press any key to restart the system and I did. Unfortunately, that was the end of it. It would never turn on after that.

  • Amazon Customer - Storage capability lost entirely in two months, can't return

    In two months, for reasons I don't understand I stopped being able to put anything on the device. I bought a 64 gig sd card, set the default storage location to be the SD card, and it didn't even recognize it as a storage device. So I bought a 32 gig from another company, didn't work. I put an old 8 gig in there and I can't download the app that tells you what's eating all of your space up.

  • L. A. - READ before purchasing !!!!! Important!

    Buyer beware!! This toy is made of cheap cheap plastic. I rarely write reviews, but I felt obligated. I purchased this "pitching soft toss device" from sports authority. With in 5 minutes of putting it together, it broke!! Crazy, right? This has got to be one of the cheapest made products I have ever purchased. I had to dial back the screw (as described in the instructions. But when I did, the bolt attached to the spring in the inside gave way and detached from the dial. If you have this product or plan on buying it (which I would not recommend) DO NOT OVER LOOSEN the back dial that controls the distance of the toss. I was able to get the bolt attached to the spring back on, but cracked the cheap plastic housing in the process. It's really made poorly. If I paid $10 or $20 for it, I may have considered keeping it, but I was so blown away of how quickly and easily it broke, I just had to return it. For the price of what this thing costs, you can get a much better machine or even pay a little more for a better made product. I was very disappointed.

  • Simon Fox - Amazing.

    I was a complete nerd and a big loser up until I won the lottery. Then I was a nerd and loser who had a lot of money. And then I bought this cable.

  • Ysidro Benitez Gurule - So far, so good.

    I had severe vapor coming from the exhaust after barely three miles of driving. Put this stuff in and followed the directions. I have driven more than forty miles with no problems. No vapor from the exhaust and no lost fluid. People say disconnect hoses to the heater core before doing this. I didn't worry since my heater doesn't work anyway but living in Socal, not a problem.