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  • Cheryl - ... a couple of weeks now and I am so glad I got it

    I have had the Lenovo ideacentre stick for a couple of weeks now and I am so glad I got it. I have it hooked to the 06" LED TV in my bedroom and I have had no issues with it so far. It has been running great and does what it is supposed to do. It doesn't take up a lot of room and performs flawlessly so far. I am going to use it as a travel laptop when I am out of town. I will only be able if I have a TV to hook​ it up to, but I use my tablet when in restaurants and airports so that will not be an issue for me.

  • v62cobra - Best stuff ever

    I am 30 years old and had very bad acne and acne scars due to having that issue growing up. My skin was so discolored from all the scars. and to make matters worse, I did 4 fraxel treatments, photo facial, and 3 different kinds of glycolic peels all at my dermatologist office. Since my skin is so fair the fraxlel turned my skin into a deep dark brown color and nothing would work to fade it at all. So even thought all the treatments i had done significantly smoothed out all my skin indention's, the melasma left behind was horrible, bleach cream and many other products would not even faze it at all. When i started to use this product, it was a life saver and in 4 weeks it was 1/2 way gone and after the 8th week it was all gone. Same with scars on my legs too. This stuff is the best ever!!!!!

  • Peters - Good learning tool

    I'm still going through this book but the portions I have seen clearly gets me under the hood of Revit.

  • david - Great for Nvidia Shield tablet

    Installed on my Nvidia Shield Tablet. SUPER easy and effortless to install. I love the feel of this glass better than the tablet's own glass. Touch and styulus work fine. Only question I have is why did they make a notch for the light sensor? Seems pointless, but the notch causes no problem.


    If you are 50+ years of age and take blood pressure medicine and started taking CB-1 Weight Gainer, STOP. Caused BP to GO DOWN. As an example: Before CB-1, blood pressure okay at 120/78 to 140/75 but dropped to 98/66 several times. Doc advised NO MORE CB-! as this COULD BE the cause of blood pressure dropping, not designated as the actual cause, but could be. Stopping for the time being.

  • Aaron - Great but bad power supply

    I bought this on Woot last month, and it worked great once I got it set up. Set up was slightly tricky but not too bad if you're tech savvy. Got the wifi working alright and was able to connect to the camera via the mobile app and it worked great. Couldn't get it to work on the desktop, but I think I may have been using a wrong IP address so I'll try again.

  • Helene - Good camera for the price.

    We bought this on pre-order and it showed up the day it was released. I was so thrilled! The set up is VERY easy and user friendly. Just make sure you buy or have a SD card on hand. The charging took a few hours, but that was expected.