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  • LarryMcJ - Finally, a replacement for my aging mouse pad I thought was obsolete

    I've used this mouse pad for over 10 years and have been babying it, trying to make it last a little longer because I thought they weren't made anymore. Then I happened to discover these on Amazon! Ergonomically, this is the best mouse pad I've ever used, either with a mouse or track pad. I'm happy to have found this item on Amazon.

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    Maybe my wrinkles are beyond repair or maybe if I stopped using this I'd really notice the difference but so far I don't see a huge change. There isn't much in this little bottle so be prepared to have it on auto-ship. I do like the consistency and how smoothly it absorbs into my skin. If I use too little, my face feels dry but if I use too much around my eyes, they are super dry in the morning. Use sparingly there.

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    Smells like orange peels that have been sitting in a garbage disposal for a week. My twin boys said it stinks. This soap *barely* lathers and doesn't make one feel very "clean" afterwards. I purchased this soap based on how good of reviews it received. It's junk. Make your purchase of a different organic product. I promise it'll be better than this junk.

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    This product was everything i wanted from a shave cream! Amazing scent, very very frothy and lets my '51 Super Speed slide over my face with no hint of razor burn! To get the most out of this product I suggest using a brush and mug as the thick creamy lather is to die for! I will be buying this as gifts for the older men in my family that still wet shave as it is THE superior product!

  • Reanna R. King - A beginning to end thriller-- for its appropriate audience.

    Before I begin my review, I must introduce myself as an optimist and a very emotional, sentimental person who usually prefers happy endings. I cry at episodes of cartoon shows, and I tend to become very emotionally invested in anything I watch or read. Despite this, I have a soft spot for disaster movies, the more over the top the better. I went into this movie already having enjoyed Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but unsure how I would receive this. The trailer wowed me, but I was unsure if I could handle a film of this magnitude.