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FEMR - Welcome to Boneknowledge.org the online presence of the Foundation for Education of Musculoskeletal Research (FEMR)! The aim of this website is to be a resource for bone health.

  • http://www.boneknowledge.org/mission.html FEMR Mission & Goals - FEMR’s mission is to become a resource for unbiased information to promote musculoskeletal health and research, prevent fragility fractures and increase awareness of osteoporosis and related bone trauma and disabilities.

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  • PB2008 - Interesting feature changes, very poor user interface; update - Office 2003 menu add-in

    I just upgraded from Office 2003 Professional to 2010 Professional. While there have been some feature improvements, the user interface (UI) seems poorly designed from an ergonomic perspective.

  • HibiscusSvg - Real Life

    The reason Author Nicole Jacksons fans be losing their minds when they have to wait for her latest book release is because she brings real life to fiction. I was one waiting patiently for this book release. I even kept refreshing Amazon when I knew the book was suppose to be live. Hell, I fell asleep refreshing Amazon. Then I woke up and it was live and I haven even brushed my teeth yet I was so consumed by this book. It's now evening and I'm at lost on what to read next.. after you read a real life urban tale the bootleg books seems so insignificant and not worth your time and money. Thank you Nicole for always bringing real life you your stories. This book took me through all emotions and I always believe when an author work does that you know the book will be great.

  • Misty - A good idea for an addon

    I like having this type of product as an add on. The fact it works great in my septic tank is a big plus. It recommends once a month, but I have extended the repeat after the first initial use. The tank was full when we rented, so I poured this in and in less than a day the system was working correctly again. I now repeat aprox every 2 mos and no problems with tank since.

  • Amazon Customer - Used the citrus flavor. Took it 9/15/2016. Took ...

    Used the citrus flavor. Took it 9/15/2016. Took it at 1:30 fifteen minutes after drank a bottle of water. Then 30 mins after drunk another bottle of water. Ate fruit then went and took the drug test at 4:30. Urine was very clear but I passed.

  • Thomas - Gone to the dogs! and the story keeps getting 'better'!

    Amazon was fine, but I despise Quickens upgrade process/policy. I was offered an upgrade from inside the product which was more than the cost to upgrade via Amazon. Once I managed to find the nearly impossible phone number - They really want you to use their online support so they don't actually have to support you - I called Quicken to report the fact that I thought this was very misleading and a form of taking advantage of it's customers that like myself assume the manufacturers upgrade offer presented in the application was the best way to upgrade. Of course their crack team of off-shore support did nothing. I'm not sure they even understood my issue since they couldn't look it up in a knowledge base article. Luckily, I came across the better price from Amazon. On top of it all, after upgrading, my initial withdrawals were credited as deposits, and my deposits as withdrawals. After their 0 star performance on my original issue, I decided to avoid the pain of calling again, and was eventually able to set the accounts back up and get everything working again. My next upgrade will be to a new product.

  • Phalanx - Stay Away

    Despite all of the warnings from other users, I purchased this product as an "upgrade" to 2013. It installed and updated my file fine, which is the best I can say about it. Not only is this product as unwieldy as 2013, it also introduces new bugs. For example, the product presents a home view with charts that take up less than 10% of a chart window (this leaves tons of wasted white space). As another example, I have a 401(k) account that has been in Quicken for years, which can now download transactions. When I click on "Set up download" for this existing account, the program forces me to setup a new 401(k) account instead setting up online access for the existing account. Beyond these errors, the 2014 program still suffers from the same processing and interface issues as the older 2013 program. In short, this is a poorly designed, and even more poorly executed, product.

  • SlapHappy - Product works, but be careful

    I must admit, after seeking and seeking help from drs who ultimately didn't help me at all (You're young. You're healthy. Drink water, take vitamins....), I resorted to self diagnosis. I don't condone that path, but when you are desperate....