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  • Yaz Qafisheh - So Far, So Good... Will Report Back in a Few Weeks.

    I came back to edit my first preliminary review. It's been a little over a month now, just finished the 1st bottle the other day. I also just cut my hair really short. I did a high fade with a #2 on the sides/ lower parts & a #4 on top. I'm starting to see a fair amount of peach fuzz up top by my frontal hairline. Again, I will continue with the applications & report back again in another month or so...


    I have been a Panda user for 2 years. When it expired in May I bought the Panda Global 2010 version for 3 computers. I have Vista. Now I'm a patient person but to get it to work I have to restart several times because Panda protection does not start on boot up and suggests restart after I get error message that internet Proxy is not working. It became easier to just not shut down my computer but when you upgrade you have to re-start and the process starts all over again. Then they suggest uninstalling and re-installing the product. This I did several times; doesn't help. Sooner or later you get another message: Run time TO TERMINATE error message that Program:...\PandaGlobal Protection 2010\PAVJOBS.EXE wishes to close in an unusual way. So now you try TECH. support. THIS IS A JOKE! YOU CAN'T TALK TO ANYONE. IT TAKES 1-2 WEEKS TO GET EMAIL REPLY. Their answer: "Hello, Please try the 2011 trial virsion of Panda global protection. if it works correctly then please let me know and i will upgrade your 2010 to 2011 at no charge." This is a direct copy paste quote. Followed the link they sent me and It was wrong kept sending me message about needed password. Sent them another message. They sent me another link. With detailed instructions. Now the link they sent me had none of the actions that corresponded to the link. (Of course like I said has taken 2 weeks per response) Replied again that the link they sent me was wrong. Waited another 2 weeks. They sent me a satisfaction survey for my "TECH. SUPPORT". I deleted PANDA FROM MY COMPUTERS.

  • Horsefeathers89 - It is every bit as good as a Yeti without the bigger price tag

    I gave this to my husband for Father's Day. He loves it! It is every bit as good as a Yeti without the bigger price tag, It is a substantial mug that holds the extra coffee he was wanting to take to work, and it fits in his cup holder in his truck. Two thumbs up!

  • C. R. Jacobs - Blazing Speed

    I did quite a bit of research before making this purchase.....I have ATT Uverse for my home internet. I bought this router because the ATT routers they provide are simply horrible. Because the ATT router also brings my TV and telephone into the house, it has to stay where it is. I plugged this router into one of the LAN ports on the ATT router. I was hoping for simplicity, but wasn't counting on it.