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  • A97068 - An economical choice for natural baby soap/shampoo

    I recently switched to this product for my 8 month old baby boy. I was previously using California Baby's sensitive skin baby wash (also fragrance free). My baby has sensitive skin and has had no problem with Burt's Bees fragrance free wash. I selected this product in particular because it is fragrance free and contains no phthlates, parabens, or sulfates. The price difference between this product and the comparable product sold by California Baby is significant, especially if you take advantage of Amazon's subscribe and save program. Overall, I recommend this product if you are looking for a baby wash/shampoo for sensitive skin and wish to avoid chemicals and fragrance.

  • Dale Boschetto - not a good fit for kindle

    The maps are not usable as I could not expand them. Finding reference material took too much time. Not a good fit as too hard to read in daylight.

  • John F - NO suport for this unit!

    I have been using Android since I got the original Moto Droid, and am confident in the platform. So my review is NOT if Android is able to handle the job, but whether you want/need support for the device you have purchased.

  • Lisa - Repeat user of this product

    I'm a long time user of holy basil, having tried several different brands. I rotate every week or two with other adaptogenic herbs. It's been greatly helping with extreme stress for me. It's somehow calming but without making me drowsy or obviously effecting me like some herbs and medications do, no buzzy feelings. I actually wind up getting more done on this herb, without stimulating effects. I purposely try to aim near that wonderful time of the month when cycling this herb because I find it also helps with pms. While I'm not entirely brand loyal and switch around sometimes as far as brand, Nature's Way brand is one of the brands I use most often. Just as with most of their supplements it's good quality with some of the best prices.

  • Adam Henson - Obama is a very intelligent person, but his values are shaped by a ...

    In a time in which people are so distracted and merely hear and regurgitate the words that politicians use, it is very important to understand the background and foundation of the people who represent us. Obama is a very intelligent person, but his values are shaped by a very different world view. Understanding where this world view came from and where America falls within it will help clarify which direction Obama intends to push our country. Hindsight is 20/20, and now in 2016 you can see that this film is amazingly accurate.

  • Lasca Hoey - I really like this pepper/salt mill

    I really like this pepper/salt mill. It is very strong and sturdy. Easy to use with just 1 hand. It was extremely easy to refill. It fills from the top and has enough space for enough peppercorns or salt crystals so you dont have to refill too often. It is easily adjustable to the coarseness you desire. I only gave it 4 stars because when I bought it i was under the impression that it was a pepper and salt mill, not one or the other. Now i need to get another one for my pepper.I was given this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion

  • Kenny & Christen - This water filter works great in my frigidaire

    This water filter works great in my frigidaire. It was quick and easy to install. After installation, I ran the water thru for a couple of minutes and then did a taste test and all is well. It seems my water pressure is is higher too. I received this water filter for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review.