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  • truemainer - Not sure why these gloves have such a good review?

    First of all these are my second fox gloves I've purchased for mountain biking. My first gloves were fox reflex gel (extra large). Thinking the the sizing chart is the same for all gloves made by fox, I bought these dirt paws in XL as well. Unfortunately they were uncomfortably snug, so I had to ship them back and order a XXL, which is a better fit. So far I've worn these for about 600-700 miles on my mountain bike (cross country), and noticed the padding in the palms is not very supportive or comfortable for anything over a ten mile ride. I've had no issues at all with durability, and found I could wear them in down to 45 degree weather before my hands became uncomfortably cold. I will probably end up buying another pair of fox reflex gel gloves in the not too distant future to replace these

  • Robert S - When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this ...

    I bought this shape tool for my sons who are always asking me to help them shape their beards, yes they are teenagers with beards, LOL! When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this could help. Well yes it does help and they able to easily use this guide to get it perfect. Design is simple with a nice thick plastic piece that you place on your face and while holding just run your razor or in our case the electric cutters and just follow the guide. They are having no problem getting the perfect line up. The only thing I could find wrong is the price. Even though I received it at a discount I'm not sure I would be willing to actually pay the almost 13.00 for a piece of plastic. Other than that it's great.

  • Mohammad Ahsan Siddique - Excellent Textbook. Retain After Graduation as Reference

    As an MBA student, I have now had the opportunity to study different finance books. This is undoubtedly the best. The CD rom resources are excellent. I will certainly retain this book for refence after graduation.

  • jessica kirby - This is not a Young Living seal

    This bottle has been opened and the contents are not Young Living Oils. VERY DANGEROUS. You can tell if its a real seal because they are jagged. Not cool, whomever is selling this. Not cool.