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  • Darian - Athletes Come get it

    They work really good.Speed training and Conditioning at the same time.😊. I Recommend this to every athlete.

  • SWgal - A Perfect Title

    Anyone who says they have read this and then write a review using the terms "right wing conspiracy" or "bunch of crap", might want to come up with something more original. Hillary and Bill have already used those terms many times in the past 40 years. This book will raise the blood pressure of most Americans, and it should. The Clinton abuse of power has made them very wealthy people, while compromising this great country in so many ways.

  • Warren Heeder - Guinness World Records

    Our grandson loved this book of facts. This is a great education for young people and is great for their education

  • Siddharth R. - Not worth the PRICE!!!

    Typically I don't review any product until I find it really bad. The cost to quality ratio equation is completely bizarre in this case. I received this order just in time with absolutely no complaints with the packaging and first impressions were quite good. Once opened, I found this neatly tucked in screen protector along with dirt remover stickers, bubble remover and micro fabric cloth for cleaning purposes. When applied, I found a series of bubbles on the border of the protector with absolutely no way getting rid of them. It looks quite awkward and is seriously not with the $19.99 price tag. I'm not quite sure how it fares with regards to shatterproof claims they have been making. Overall disappointment!!!

  • Christina C - This really works!

    I read the book and embarked upon the 10-day diet in May (7 months ago), lost 5 lbs in the 10 days, continued a modified version of the diet ever since, lost another 10 lbs in the next couple of months and have kept it off ever since. I'm 5'2" and weighed 125 lb before the diet, had carried around the extra 15 lb for the last few years, and am very happy to be back to my usual weight. I didn't follow the diet faithfully - I did the 30 min walking every day, did the Epsom salt baths, cut out diet sodas, cut out juices, cut out processed foods, ate a lot more vegetables and a lot less wheat and sugar, and used the PGX Fiber. But although I tried the breakfast smoothies, I couldn't stomach them, and the recipes I tried didn't taste so great to me. And although I ordered them all, I couldn't bear the thought of taking all the pills that the book recommends - I just did the PGX Fiber. So ... it's still possible to get good results without following all the steps - though definitely do the exercise and cut back on wheat and sugar and processed foods. I did get a terrible migraine headache - one of the worst ever - the first day - which almost made me want to quit the diet, but I'm glad I didn't! So you may want to start this diet on a weekend, when you can take to your bed if necessary!