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Municipalidad de Cartagena - Inicio - Sito Oficial de la Ilustre Municipalidad de Cartagena Chile, Dirección Avenida Casanova Nº210 Cartagena, V Región Chile.Luis Rodrigo García Tapia alcade de la Municipalidad de Cartagena.

Country:, South America, CL

City: -70.6682 Santiago Metropolitan, Chile

  • Pippin - Rest For The Weary...a sleeping aid

    Whenever any of my other Amazon purchases get too exciting and prevent me from falling asleep, I turn to this Bible installed in my Kindle and instantly...well, after 3 to 5 chapters...I'm in dreamland. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I've made much more progress with this Kindle Bible than with any other physical Bible I've been gifted with over my 6 decades of existence. Maybe it's because it's always there. Maybe it's because I don't lose my place. Maybe it's because I can easily find the meaning of words or I can easily look up images in my nearby iPad. Maybe it's because I'm able to adjust the font to a comfortable size. Maybe it's because I can read it in the dark. Maybe it's because it's lighter than any Bible I've ever owned and I can easily shift positions in bed while I'm reading it. Or maybe it's just because it makes feel peaceful and secure in the knowledge that through the ages God has ever been faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

  • Rhonald - 2013 GMC Acadia

    Perfect Fit for a 2013 GMC Acadia. Leaves the tracks open for crumbs in the rear Captain's chair. But generally good coverage especially in main traffic areas

  • cyndisand - GREAT FOR THE PRICE

    I love this, It was just was I was looking for. Great quality for the price. Would defiantly recommend this to anyone.

  • mpxnyinc - Quikbook Review

    This book is very helpful and thorough. It is easy to navigate through the material and apply the tasks in the software.


    BIG SCAM! Virus program would not load to my "BRAND NEW COMPUTER", running windows 8.1, called customer service. Got diverted to India. It was nearly impossible to understand the technician, I had to read the conversation. They remotely got on my computer and said that my computer needed work that for $379.00 they would be happy to fix it! I told them I did not have any money to spend on that, all I want is my virus program. Then they offered a $50 fix. The whole thing screamed SCAM! I'll never buy a McAfee Product again. Thank God Amazon stands behind everything they sell. Fortunately they have agreed to refund my money for bogus program!

  • AggieProf - good name brand but pills are large

    These are good but large pills. I have to break them in half and then swallow them. I'd prefer something smaller.