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DNA Testing, Paternity Tests and Drug & Alcohol Testing | Cellmark - The UK's most recommended DNA testing service. Court approved, accredited, DNA paternity testing to identify relationships. Standard paternity testing and maternity testing plus complex DNA relationship testing for immigration purposes.

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  • DNA Paternity Test Services for Healthcare Professionals | Cellmark - Healthcare professionals, get all the information you need on DNA testing, including advice on testing, ethics, and probabilities.
  • Sampling for DNA Tests - Legal Requirements & Paperwork | Cellmark - Find out more about sampling for DNA tests, including information about the legal requirements and the paperwork involved.
  • DNA Testing & Drug Screening Services for Social Workers | Cellmark - Social workers, get all the information you need on DNA paternity testing, immigration testing, and drug and alcohol screening.
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  • What is Drug & Alcohol Testing? Our Approach and Equipment | Cellmark - Cellmark is the UK's most recommended DNA testing service. Find out more about our comprehensive, forensic quality, approach to drug and alcohol screening.
  • Hair Drug & Alcohol Testing - Chronic Excessive Alcohol Tests | Cellmark - Learn how our drug and alcohol testing services can screen for Chronic Excessive Alcohol Consumption, using blood and hair samples.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing - Frequently Asked Questions | Cellmark - Find out the answers to all your questions about drug and alcohol testing, including how hair testing shows an individual's drug and alcohol history.

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