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  • Allen Nguyen - Stiff bag light

    Very comfortable and ventilated well. Great price and 79 with not tax and free shipping. Regular width is slightly wider than normal which I really needed.

  • Michelle - It's hot! Travels well. Cleans up nicely.

    I used this hot plate for five straight days in a vacation house, and plan to use it again whenever there is opportunity.

  • rae's reviews - Nice lights

    These are great lights, the base or stake for the light is thicker than what you find at the dept. stores. The light base is more of a modern look, if you will and makes it a really nice look. These lit up right out of the box so I could see how they work and they are pretty bright. A nice box and in my opinion a nice gift for a new homeowner. Great for a little added security around your yard. I recommend

  • Greg - Looks great!! Like it came factory

    I really love the way this antenna looks, would have gave it 5 stars if it wasn't for reception, which is kind of ok but not as good as the original, so I still leave it in the trunk in case I need it for long trips. It's literally 5 seconds to replace since it screws on like the factory piece

  • Alyssa Sorrells - Nose book

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  • OilAddict - Awesome Oil

    I've had this oil for almost two weeks and I'm kicking myself that I didn't discover this before! I do not add to my water since I'm not too fond of the taste, but chose to purchase size "00" empty two-piece capsules to fill and swallow. I take it just like a vitamin and forget about it. My appetite has significantly decreased and I literally have to remember to eat and sometimes drink. I'm an endomorph body type (short, round, and do not process carbs well) so I can gain weight really easily esp in the hips and butt, so losing weight has definitely been a struggle even with maintaining a vegetarian/vegan diet. I'm down 3 lbs the first full week. I do not exercise and have a desk job. I have been using in combination of DIY weight loss pills which consists of filled 00 capsules of tumeric, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon (can view on youtube), but started using this separately so I know it works. I can't wait to see what results I continue to get. I refuse to take diet pills that have an unknown effect on my long term health, so this is a natural alternative. Awesome product!

  • Jessica Robinson - Great value and product!

    VERY good value if you are looking for a treadmill. We've owned 2 other Proform treadmills and have been very pleased. Has all the basics I wanted for a treadmill. Well put together, good quality. Folds up for storage. Nothing terribly fancy, but does have a few different exercise settings you might love. This comes flat in a big box, in a few large pieces. You must assemble yourself! But that was pretty easy to do. Took about 1 hour.