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Manuka Honey, Olive Leaf Extract & Propolis | Comvita® Natural Health - Buy UMF Manuka honey, Olive Leaf Extract and Propolis online at Comvita today. Great savings on natural health essentials.

  • UMF 10+ Manuka Honey | Comvita New Zealand - Comvita UMF 10+ Manuka Honey is a pure New Zealand active Manuka Honey with a guaranteed antibacterial activity factor (UMF) 10+.
  • What Is Manuka Honey | Ingredients Information | Comvita New Zealand - For everyday inner balance and digestive health. Manuka honey is packed with unique plant phenols to support your health, learn more here.
  • UMF and MGO Manuka honey ratings compared | Article - Understand how the ratings compare between UMF and MGO. You can trust the independent standard - read more..
  • Comvita UMF Manuka Honey benefits | Article - The Comvita benefits are alive in every single drop of our UMF Honey range. We tend to the bees, gently harvest our honey, we carefully cream and refine.
  •–-comvita’s-premium-quality-guarantee/1800149 Manuka Honey – Comvita’s Premium Quality Guarantee - Comvita has invested extensively in the development of an industry-leading testing and analysis laboratory – no other Manuka honey company in the world has a facility with this level of measurement capability.
  • Quality Certifications | Ingredient Performance Marks | Comvita® - Comvita® Provides Assurances of Freshness, Purity, Safety & Authenticity. Our Products Quality is Consistent & Will Remain so for the Entire Shelf-life.
  • Manuka Honey Heartland Virtual Reality | Comvita NZ - The VR experience transports viewers to the beautiful and remote Kaimanawa Ranges, where Comvita sources some of its highly sought-after Manuka honey.
  • Pure Natural Ingredients | Highest Quality Standards | Comvita® - Comvita® Sources Ingredients in their Purest Form and Optimises their Natural Active Properties - Delivering You the Powerful Benefits of Nature.
  • About Olive Leaf Extract | Comvita New Zealand - Comvita olive leaf extract is used for every day antioxidant support and is a natural source of health made from fresh olive leaves.
  • About Omega 3 | Comvita New Zealand - The health promoting effects of Omega-3 fatty acids are well supported in over 8000 research studies.
  • About Propolis Ingredients and Benefits | Comvita New Zealand - A natural antioxidant produced by trees, Propolis acts as nature’s best defence to protect and heal.
  • Offers | View Discounts on Our Natural Health Products | Comvita® - View Our Special Offers on Royal Jelly, Manuka Oil, Manuka Bars & More Natural Health Products. Save on a Range of Comvita® Products Today!
  • About Us | Natural Health Products | Comvita® | NZ - Comvita® has a Global Reputation for Healthcare & Skincare Products. We are Committed to the Development of Natural Products Based on Scientific Research.
  • Latest articles and news | Comvita New Zealand - Read the latest articles and news from Comvita. Get updates about the latest products, yummy healthy recipes and bee friendly tips.
  • Fresh Picked™ Wellbeing | Olive Leaf Extract | Comvita - Find out more about Fresh Picked Olive Leaf Extract. Health benefits, testimonials, ingredients and source stories.
  • Natural relief for Dry, Itchy and sensitive skin | MEDIHONEY® - Natural relief for Dry, Itchy and sensitive skin | MEDIHONEY® Resources including videos, product tips and real life stories.
  • Natural Health Solutions | Manuka Honey Health Benefits | Comvita® - Our Nature Remedies Support Your General Wellbeing, Help You with Cold & Flu. Find Antibacterial Gel, Medihoney Cream, Olive Leaf Extract Capsules & More.
  • Bee Products Supplier Page | Comvita New Zealand - Welcome to the Comvita Beekeeper Supplier page. This is the go-to destination for all Beekeepers to get information on how to do business with Comvita.

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  • Speedy - Works great, but the big BUT

    Works great, but the big BUT, It too expensive. The one 3x3 pad didn't do another small area. Also it should come in small bottle oŕ bottle-fed pad so you can stop, replace lid and do another area latter.

  • danny ryukyu - travel planner

    generally okay for planning. has some good tools like finding what's near here and estimating the trip. I found it awkward at times with some panes disappearing and trying to figure out how to get them back. the software also routed me the long way around in multiple instances, adding about 200 miles at one point to my vacation. I also didn't like the way it broke up a road that changed its name, making it difficult to calculate how far to drive on that part of the route. It did let me add new points so i could try 'what if' scenarios. Haven't yet found the magic button to pick the most efficient route based on the stops I wanted.

  • Kristal - Works awesome!

    Super easy to use, and not loud. Applies my nail paint and foundation perfectly. Easy to adjust as well I would recommend this to anyone.

  • miaeve - This was great the first 2 times

    This was great the first 2 times, but the 3rd time I went to use it, the light no longer works. I can make it turn on, but I have to hold the cord that attaches to the unit, "just so", in order to make it turn on to complete the 30 second cycle. Which is kind of a pain when you are trying not to mess up your nails. Thought I had found a money/time saving solution to getting manicures every other week. Disappointed.