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  • Cindy Berg - Amount of caffeine and ganoderma extract not listed on box.

    Organo Gold Black coffee tastes pretty good. It has a strong rich smooth flavor. I add a little cream to it. It is not one of those bitter coffees. Its hard to consider this product legitimate when the amount of caffeine and ganoderma extract is not listed on the package. I assume it has a fair amount of caffeine. If I drink it late in the afternoon, I have a hard time sleeping. Would be nice to compare the amount of caffeine in Organo Gold to Folgers. Does it have more or less caffeine?

  • Costume Karen - Italy book

    Wow Rick Steves really knows his stuff. His book is my bible. I haven't left for my trip yet but I have booked so many hotels that he has recommended. My cousin took a trip and said he was the man. So many good tips about sightseeing and resaurants and hotels.

  • YakPat - I have been taking Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil for a very long time

    I have been taking Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil for a very long time. When I received this bottle the seal was broken and the taste was more like canola oil NOT pure black seed oil. Will not by from this seller again. I will buy Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil still just not from this seller.

  • sandyden - Filthy card words

    This is not for 18 years old for family fun.the cards were why too valgar.I will try to return I wanted it to play with daughter & her family grandson 20 & granddaughter 18 .but no way

  • P. Nicholson - CSN 2012

    This was a classic IMPULSE BUY - I had just gotten in from seeing a STUPENDOUS concert by CSN in San Rafael, CA and at home later that night in my e-mail was a thing from Amazon that included this DVD. I went for it. No regrets. This whole generation of performers is getting up there... this is a great document of a stirring performance. Well worth buying - Recommended highly to fans of CSN.

  • CCpawprint - I use this occasionally on the dogs, but they ...

    I use this occasionally on the dogs, but they don't care for it. So I mostly use it for their bedding and carpet.