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Home - The Dairy Science and Food Technology (DSFT) website provides scientific and technological information, Cloud-based tools and consultancy services for food scientists and technologists.

  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/contributors.html Contributors to Dairy Science and Food Technology - Access contact details of contributors to the Dairy Science and Food Technology website
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/cheese-starters.html Starter cultures - Access discussions on starter cultures including their role in fermentations, their ecology, and classification.
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/probiotics.html Probiotics - Probiotic microorganisms in food. Properties, benefits, safety and enumeration
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/inhibitors-in-milk.html Inhibitors In Milk - Access articles discussing the inhibitors of lactic acid and other bacteria in milk including the lactoperoxidase system, lysozyme, lactoferrin, immunoglobulins, vitamin binding proteins.
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/bacteriophages-for-lactococci.html Bacteriophages for lactococci - Information resource on lactic bacteriophages,history, life cycle, industrial significance, assay, control and phage lysin
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/cheese-quality.html Cheese quality - Many cheesemaking plants experience open texture problems including unwanted slits/cracks in cheese due to unwanted gas production. Some of these problems are caused by the growth of thermophilic / thermoduric lactic acid bacteria in biofilms in pasteurizers.
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/cheeses-of-the-piedmont-region-of-italy.html Cheeses of the Piedmont Region of Italy - Professor Giuseppe Zeppa discusses the cheeses of the Piedmont region of North West Italy.
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/primary-production.html Primary production - Access supply chain articles including a Northern Ireland perspective on dairy farming
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/ice-cream.html Ice cream - How do you start up an ice cream business or balance an ice cream mix using Excel? Download Excel spreadsheets
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/harvard-reference-generator.html Writing tools - Access free Harvard referencing generator, readability calculators and advice on referencing or citing literature
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/thermal-processing.html Thermal processing - Find tutorials and F calculators on heat treatment of foods. Download Ebook on thermal processing of acid foods.
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/packaging.html Packaging and labelling - Access articles on the science and technology of modified atmosphere packaging, effects of MAP on major foods along with labelling and nutrition and Health Claims.
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/calculators-models.html Calculators and models - This section provides an access point to a range of calculators and models. These include calculators for determining the theoretical yields of Cheddar cheese (Van Slyke), the yield of Cottage cheese, the volumes of skim and whole milk required to standardise milk to a required fat content, the predicted grade value of Cheddar cheese, casein retention, fat retention, casein to fat ratio, protein to fat ratio, the quantities of ingredients required for a balanced ice cream mix, the ideal MSNF value for ice cream, MSNF in unwashed butter, MSNF in cream and the energy value of foods
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/acknowledgements.html Thanks - Dr Michael Mullan acknowledges individuals who have contributed to work published in the Dairy Science and Food Technology website
  • https://www.dairyscience.info/index.php/ice-cream/228-ice-cream-hardness.html Goldilock's ice cream. Using science to control hardness or "scoopability" of ice cream or gelato - The hardness of ice cream can be controlled by adjusting the composition of the mix and its manufacture and storage.

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  • Sharon G Kingsmill - My granddaughter loves "Snuggles". This was a get well ...

    My granddaughter loves "Snuggles". This was a get well gift to her and she takes her all over. Snuggles is her baby!

  • jennifer Radovich - Only three stars

    Two problems with the lights. The first is that the polarity on the connectors was reversed. I had to cut and reverse the wires for the LEDS to work. Remember LEDS only work if the polarity is correct in a DC system. Second problem is flicker. It is noticeable, bordering on distracting. Because the install took about 2 hours on my 2016 JK, I don't really want to replace them with the OEM. Yes, 2 hours. On the JK I had to remove the grill guard and bumper fascia to replace the lights. They are bright with a nice horizontal pattern perfect for the fog we get here on the coast. Hope this helps JK installers

  • K. Oliver - Good knives.

    I never thought I would like the Everedge knives but I use them all the time now. This was a gift but I have them myself and have used them for a couple of years without a problem. My only issue with this is that the block seems to be a standard wood block. In other words, it's not specifically made for this set of knives so the larger knives don't fit in quite right. You will have a small knife that fits into a whole obviously for a large knife. They all fit in, just a little awkwardly.

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    Download was easy but beware....it shows up as a 30 day trial. You have to sign on and put in the numbers that Amazon supplies you in the email confirmation for your order. Not a big deal but not something that I expected. Once the numbers have been entered everything worked fine. Would buy again....

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    It was okay. 3 stars because I did better than some other stuff we've tried, but no more than 3 because we still ended up ripping the carpet out due to the odor. In our case, the urine had already soaked through to the padding, so this was a last ditch effort. I'll try to use this again in the future if we have anymore accidents on the new carpet, and update the review later.

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    I thought I'd done my research because I found a bunch of sites that proclaimed that Zetaclear was the best nail fungus remedy available. Of course, when I actually received the product and go through the fine print, I realise how dodgy it is. I've only just found this Amazon site with everyone's scam alert warnings - can't believe I just paid $128 for 3 bottles of nothing! (And that's not even counting the 3 bottles of homeopathic oral spray that I wouldn't be putting in my mouth for quids.)

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    these SUCK. at least in many ways, they SUCK. but first the good: these tumblers are the most effective for keeping drinks cold. they are extremely good at this. the bad: