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  • joseph talty - Rip Off

    Paid 800 dollars to have Xzilon applied to my new camaro. It does give the car a waxed appearance, but it definitely does not live up to the company's protection guarantees. Some tree sap fell on the care, and it quickly ate right through the paint. Tree sap is specifically covered under their warranty. I put a claim in, with photos included. The claim was denied without explanation, and no one from the company would respond back to any of my inquiries as to the reason why. It is basically paying 800 dollars for some off the shelf turtle wax. Avoid at all cost!

  • CRISTI A CAVE - I asked for my money back

    Don't buy or use Family Tree Maker 12 if you want a family tree that everyone can see. Looking forward to finding long-lost cousins and distant relatives? Don't. They will only be able to see your tree if they buy memberships. How about your family, then? They can see the tree--but only if you personally invite each and every one of them. Anyone whose address you don't know, and future generations? Well, tough luck to all of them. They'll just have to buy expensive memberships in

  • carolaird - Amazing story, amazing author!

    I so love this book I have no words. I listened to the audio edition and Mr. Prebble's reading is superb. This story is most of all about friendship among men thrown into the worst and most extreme conditions. They survived because of that friendship, their sense of humor despite it all and because of their incredible commander, Shackelton. The story is about human decency in the face of brutal nature. I loved the nature descriptions, I felt like I was there with them at sea, on ice, watching those Cape Horn Rollers. Alfred Lansing is a truly amazing storyteller.

  • BigE4423 - Great tool

    The Sperry Instruments outlet tester does exactly what it says. If you want to know if your outlet is wired correctly, it's the way to go. I had some outlets in my garage that were faulty and I was able to figure out the problem. Granted, I didn't know what the codes really meant until I looked them up on the net, I'm not an electrician, but it was really easy to find. I was happy that I purchased it before I had an electrician come out.

  • Anthony J. Lomenzo - Great addition to your flight sim set-up! But read on ...

    Please refer to my extended [read: wordy, but some practical set-up tips for those who think you just plug the module(s) in with the USB cord and you're good to go! Bizzzz! There is more to be done [like the required but not included Saitek 25.7 MB driver to bring these modules to life] and I'll add at once that not one of these boxed modules has word one of any user instructions or user guidance whatsoever! Saitek merely assumes you know what to do at the get-go or, as they say, you can go fish for it! Anyway, see that review of the Saitek other module with the Auto Pilot, Auto Throttle, Flaps , Pitch/Trim and user activated LED lights for all standard AP 'real McCoy' auto pilot boxes. That other module is a real eye-grabber although this one with all those rocker switches and landing gear lever and the radio module as well are no slouches either and when stacked they look rather neat! I have all 3 of the modules and the usual 'serious' flight sim gear like the CH Eclipse yoke, Saitek pedals, throttles [two sets but in that case I used the "assignment" buttons heavily!]. Noto too that these Saitek modules are pre-wired and that was/is a relief.

  • Thomas S Cline - Do Not Buy. Customer Support is BAD and way over priced for what you get!!!

    I agree with the entire 1 star reports. Do not purchase this software. There is no customer service and all Sage is good for is sending you renewal notices that cost over $1400 each year. Today I have spent over 40 minutes on hold just to try to renew and had to talk with some person overseas that couldn’t speak English. Before that, I had sent unanswered emails to my account rep and then to his boss Bill Martin. After leaving several messages (his ext is 330159) he finally called me back and passed the buck to another rep that never sent me a confirmation email on the renewal. None I’m getting messages about renewal and being threaten to being locked out without renewal. Do not get trapped in this software. The yearly fee is bad enough, but without customer support it is a nightmare. I expect this company will not be around much longer. I’m looking for another provider.