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  • M.S. - Crashes with almost every function

    Have just started to use Creator 2012. Using it to create and convert personal DVD content from camcorders. Almost every function I have tried has resulted in the program crashing. Unbelievably poor experience so far. Brand new PC, Windows 7 - 64 bit, i5, 16GB RAM.

  • Special-K - Good insulation, but poor quality lid - it leaks like a "dribble-cup" - Revised: problem rectified.

    I'm quite disappointed in the quality of the KRYO product. First of all, it was supposed to include two lids, but the package only included one. More importantly, the included lid does not fit snugly into the cup. The O-ring does not make a good seal and it leaks when I drink. It's like a "dribble-cup". I've tried adjusting the O-ring, but it just isn't right. There's no way to keep it from leaking, so I have to use it without the lid, which defeats some of the purpose of the cup.

  • keroppi - Love this TV!

    I'm and independent film maker. When i set out to find a home television i had very specific needs. 1st was price. You can get wonderful image and quality at crazy prices. But im not going to spend $3,000 on a tv that will be obsolete in 4 years. I wanted value, sharp image, good refresh rate, true color, ease of use and something that was bot the size of a minivan in my apt.

  • Upstream - where is the support

    Autocad does not support their product. I called them on an install question after searching high and low for thrir number. I was told to call a reseller for support of Autocads product. I had a technical question and they refused to help me after i just purchased $5000 of their software. Autocad support sucks assuming you can find it.

  • lewSki - lewSki

    Worked perfectly on my 2012 Samsung. It comes with a remote but the old remote still works for most things which is a plus in my house.

  • Shopping DIva - Good Price & Good Brand

    My family and I have used Goldenseal Herb and/or Root (an herbal antibiotic) for well over 20 years, whenever we felt a bug beginning to attack. I admit we exceed the suggested dosage, usually taking 4-6 caps 4-6x a day (for at least a week, but no longer than 14 days) depending on the severity of what we feel coming on. Like antibiotic, you have to take it for at least 7-10 days. In our experience the duration and severity of the bug are decreased by at least half of what anyone around us experiences from the same bug. I've heard that people with ragweed allergies might have a reaction to this, however I don't so, I can't speak to this first hand. This is not medical advice, merely my own experience with the herb.