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    What a transcendent product! After 10 days on MasterBrain my focus and productivity was through the roof!

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    This crockpot is a joy. Never had one before and read the tech report that gave this high marks for its simplicity in cooking and cleaning. A friend who has a $200 crockpot wished hers had the locking top for ease of transport. This model has everything one needs to become a slowcooker: transportability; high/low settings; washable porcelain pot; recipe book.

  • Daniel I - it will increase your energy level like it says

    I have been taking this for 16 days now. I watch what I eat as always and exercise 3-4 times a week also. Jogging and weightlifting basically.

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    Once again Suzanne White has brought us into the understanding of what lies ahead for 2016. This amazing work give us the depth and know how to enjoy this upcoming year Brava and Thank You

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    We haven't had this bed for a full week yet and it has already improved my quality of life. I used to wake up with almost debilitating hip and shoulder pain. It was also becoming more and more difficult to sleep through the night without taking ibuprofen before I went to bed and sometimes at the 3 am. That's no longer the case with our Purple King bed.

  • DDJM - I recommend and am very pleased with the purchase and author

    We are using this to plan son's birthday party. Yes, you could get many of the recipes(or those similar) on line - but frankly I do not have time for all that. You might need to add more or less spice (for us more = from Texas) depending on where you are from, but that is true with all recipe books. All in all, I recommend and am very pleased with the purchase and author.