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  • Amazon Customer - Excellent

    This book is written so that you can start with no knowledge and build a very functioning database quickly. The layout allows you to review just the section you need help with and come with a web link for sample databases used in the book.

  • No one - No pesticides...

    I hate people that spread misinformation. One of the reviewers claimed there are high levels of pesticides in Celestial Seasoning's teas. It's a bogus claim. The company addresses it on their website.

  • akaLOVED - Really neat carrier, love how compact it becomes when not in use.

    This is a very unique pet carrier. I've never seen anything like it before and was attracted to it because of the collapsible feature. It is super lightweight and does fold down flat, allowing for minimal storage space needs. I can tuck it away in my linen closet and not worry about it taking up any space. I found it a bit challenging to assemble, not because it didn't make sense but because I could have used some instructions with tips on assembly. It was a bit tricky to line up the zippers so that you can attach the sides/middle to the top and bottom. This carrier does have superior ventilation, but I was a bit let down that the "waterproof hard top and bottom" is actually covered in some kind of fabric, the same as the sides. So, while it may prevent spills/accidents from seeping through the top or bottom, I feel like it's something that could stain easily. Since there aren't any included instructions, it isn't clear how you're expected to clean this carrier. I do like that it comes with a fleece pad that lines the bottom for soft coziness and protection. The carrier is an ideal size for my 3.5 lb puppy, but it may not fit him at his full-grown size, not because of height and width but because of length. My puppy wasn't scared to go inside this carrier, which was a big plus for me. I think the concept of this carrier is amazing, but I think the material used could use a bit of improvement for durability. I'm afraid to set it on the ground because I don't want to get it dirty or scuff up the material.

  • Asim - peachtree premium 2011

    got original. registered online with sage itself. bought for a customer. knew what i wanted so i am please to get it as advertised. as always, amazons price is the best

  • amazed - What a difference this has made

    The Earthing Mat has made a remarkable difference in my life. Not just my ability to sleep at night but my arthritis pain has improved dramatically. I am so impressed I bought the half sheet along with a mat for everyone in my family. I can't wait to see the effect it has after a longer period of time as I have only used it for about 3 weeks.

  • Dion Weisler - Can't beat it.

    Great performance, nice fit and finish. Best of all, you can't beat the ease of removal with the 1" wrench-off feature. It makes things so much easier when you can just grab a 1" socket or wrench to loosen. For installation, I still recommend oiling the seal and hand-tightening, provided you can torque it enough by hand. If not, the nut will help, just be careful not to go crazy as it's not hard to do with the handy-dandy nut.