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  • http://www.fairwarning.org/2016/10/swarms-drug-industry-lobbyists-campaign-cash-stymie-bid-restrain-medicare-prescription-costs/ Lobbyists, Campaign Cash Stymie Restraint of Medicare Drug Costs | FairWarning - Why is the federal government barred from negotiating cheaper prices to help seniors buy prescription drugs through Medicare?
  • http://www.fairwarning.org/2016/10/pedestrians-cyclists/ Death Toll Among Pedestrians, Cyclists Highest in Two Decades | FairWarning - Last year, the death toll for pedestrians and cyclists was the highest in two decades. Four million Americans walk to work and 860,000 bike regularly.

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  • Tequila - I think i love this entire POM line of products

    I think i love this entire POM line of products. I really like this product It dissolves nicely into my skin after i clean my face of all impurities. I have to say after I started using the CLNS, RETIN and sometimes the BENZD as treatment, my acne is not severe anymore. I own the moisture product but i don't use it because its extremely moist and i recommend that for extremely dry skin. Mine is oily already. So i use these main three products and once or twice a week i skip a night and don't use them until the morning. Also once or twice a week i use Tonymolys oil sebum removing egg soaps. I think i found the control i needed for my acne. I only get acne on my neckline though. Like from the sides of my ears going down to the lower area of my cheeks and on my neck. With occasional small nose pimple or forehead and chin but rarely. So my acne focuses on my neck and sides of face. Benz works well for on spot treatment. Its not too strong so it doesn't dry out my skin with its percentage. (Compared to other benzoyl peroxide percentages and other products I've used)

  • BookNoodle - Nice!

    This is my first J. Cole album. I didn't know much about his music before expect some songs here and their. My brother in law kept telling me to get his album, so I went for it and glad I did. I like the second half of the album the most (but the entire album is good). Happy I listened to my bro!

  • Joshua S. Taylor - Random Comic Review: Ghostbusters Volume 1

    It's good to be back in the world of the Ghostbusters. I thought this volume was a great introduction back in the Ghostbuster world. The story does take items and ideas from the first two movies, video games, etc. I think this is a good thing. It captures a good bit of nostalgia that affected alot of our childhoods, but also guides the reader into the direction of where this new chapter of the Ghostbuster saga is headed. I think it's a great way to help mend the cap of all the years that the Ghosbusters were vacant from our life. What really caught my eye was the art and the color of this series. I think it's spot on and goes well with the feel of the Ghosbusters franchise. I think it perfectly ties in the fun adventure feeling of the Ghostbusters with being able to still hold that creepy feeling of the ghosts they face. I highly recommend this book for Ghostbuster fanatics or anyone who has enjoyed the movies, or anyone looking for a fun paranormal read with moments of creepiness.