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NMAFP - New Mexico Academy of Family Physicians - Welcome to the New Mexico Academy of Family Physician's website. We are the medical specialty association for family physicians in New Mexico, with over 700 members. Our members include family physicians, residents in training and medical students with an interest in family medicine, and retired family physicians. NMAAFP is an independent chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), which has over 80,000 members throughout the U.S.

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  • M. Berely - Takes a little getting used to

    If I had not been given a free sample I would never have even considered this. It looks ridiculous! I am glad I was though because even though it takes a little getting used to my beard is much neater looking. It wasn't a mess before but I can see a difference and so can my significant other. The area I have the most trouble getting used to is the neck line. I kind of fumble with the shaping tool because I am getting in my own way with it. the other areas are fairly easy to work with and it does work. I was shocked!

  • FLU99 - Works and smells amazing!

    I love the Aveeno line. My son has eczema and this is really the only thing we found that helps. We use this every night at bath time and his skin is now so soft and smooth as it should be. I also put a squirt in with his bath water and it has worked wonders on his skin. It has a lovely lavender smell, that is so relaxing. It helps to put him rite to sleep. I use the Aveeno Calming Comfort lotion after to rub on his skin, so that really helps to relax him. We will definitely continue using Aveeno.

  • Howie Bates - Hey, these do help you keep wine!

    I purchased these in 2012, and found they will definitely help me keep the unused wine a lot longer without trying to stopper the bottles with the cork the bottle came with. For an amateur wine enthusiast like myself this was a great help to allow the wine to be kept away from air that will flatten the flavors of the wine. It's not rocket science, just pump and listen for the 'pop', which tells you the vacuum is good inside the bottle. Lasts a while, too. Of course if you keep more than a bottle or two, have more than a glass or two of wine every so often, one should get two, three or more of these. I am reordering, most definitely and will recommend purchasing these to anyone who likes wine, cooks with wine, or.....? A no-brainer.

  • ckott72 - Good, but tiny knife; Not a great sheath; Not a weapon

    This knife, while a handy little tool, does not fit the security bill. It would not be my first, or even second weapon of choice should I need one to defend myself because (1) it is too small and (2) it is too hard to see in low light conditions.

  • T. Shooz - Works Great

    We have used this product once a month for as long as we have lived here, which is 20 years now. Never a problem with the septic system. The best price is Amazon....maybe it is cheaper in a big city, but that is not an option for us. It is a good product and recommended