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  • Jeffrey B. Jones - Scotch Guard

    Excellent fabric protection for new furniture, cheaper (and quality more controllable) than having manufacturer put it on. Only concern might be chemicals for those with multiple chemical sensitivity. Also, wish it were just a little cheaper. I used 2 whole cans to cover one reclining rocker (can says one can will cover two chairs). I didn't overspray either, just light coverage back and forth at the appropriate distance. When that dried, I did apply another light coat, as recommended, rather than one thick spray coat.

  • EmpirestatePeach - Great growth serum with no mineral oil!

    I used this for some months last year and saw immediate results. So many vitamins and nutrients that are exactly for stimulating blood circulation in the scalp as well as protecting your hair and scalp. I love this product. I think I used to much too quickly however because I have dry scalp. Otherwise this is good stuff. Its hard to find where I currently am so thankfully it is on Amazon. the price is the same as in stores when you consider shipping. Happy hair growing!!

  • MBKR - Be prepared to hunt

    If you've ever installed Quickbooks before, you know that there is a sticker inside the box with a license number and a product number. Well in this box the sticker has only a license number. Since both numbers are still required to install the software this means hunting the web, and possibly a call to intuit customer service (with all the hold time that involves) to get the necessary info that should have been in the packaging to begin with. If I can get the software to install I may review the new version of Quickbooks, but thus far all I can review is the documentation (or lack therof).

  • Amazon Shopper - Buggiest version of Office in 10 years

    I've not seen a version of Office as buggy as 2013 since at least the 90s. Since Office 2003, every version of Office got noticeably more stable and reliable. Office 2013 is anything but. Many of the bugs are so glaring I can't believe that Microsoft hasn't fixed them. For instance: try opening an Excel file from Explorer. The Excel window will be blank until you resize or minimize and restore it. Create a blank document in Excel, and the A1 cell is off the screen. Or try entering a number, not even a formula, into a cell, and Excel will crash, sometimes causing data loss. I've sent in dozens of crash reports to Microsoft and still no fix.

  • SMOKER305 - This really works great! I am in my 50's

    This really works great! I am in my 50's, male, and overweight by 10-15 pounds. I used this stuff three (3) times and passed EVERY time. This is my procedure. I am a pretty heavy weed smoker (usually 3 to 4 joints daily), and I went cold turkey for four (4) days before my urine test. I am also a regular beer drinker, which naturally flushes my system on a regular basis, how much that helps, I am not sure.

  • Shiyera - It's like magic in butter form.

    I normally don't review items so soon after receiving them, but I used it once, ONCE and saw immediate results. Sounds crazy right? I am kicking myself for not taking before and after photos. Anyway, I had these nasty scrapes on the back of my hands from an altercation with a washing machine (I found the only sharp edge of metal by accident) that took off a couple layers of skin. They had been taking a long time to heel, painful, scabs kept coming off leaving raw exposed skin. Not pretty nor comfortable.